THEM ON US: Farmers ‘gassed’ at NYC film premiere

By on April 23, 2013


Farmers ‘gassed’ at NYC film premiere

Security at Tribeca Film Festival keeps out pro-fracking farmers.

Security at Tribeca Film Festival keeps out pro-fracking farmers.

“Gasland 2”, the sequel to the Academy Award-nominated 2010 documentary, premiered in New York City last weekend at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. It’s more of the same for filmmaker Josh Fox, who brought fracking issues to the forefront with his debut effort.

Fox was joined by the latest frack-fighting celeb, Yoko Ono, at the NYC premiere. Industry trade publication Marcellus Drilling News criticized the event, claiming at least 20 upstate farmers – who presumably sold out to Big Gas – were denied entrance into the movie for their rabble-rousing outside the velvet ropes.

MDN quoted Fox antagonist and pro-fracking filmmaker Phelim McAleer (“FrackNation”), who apparently was also at the event, as saying the farmers were given the bum’s rush.

“Any farmer who had the temerity to question Yoko Ono or Josh Fox wasn’t allowed in,” McAleer told MDN. “These film festivals want to be edgy, they want to be controversial, and they want people to be passionate about film … but they only want a certain kind of passionate people.”

“Gasland” included interviews with people from Pavillion, Wyo., including one infamous scene where a resident lit his tap water on fire. “Gasland 2” will tour the country after airing on HBO this summer.

Fed head won’t make JH this summer

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will not attend the Central Bank’s marquee conference in Jackson Hole this summer, according to Bloomberg. Bernanke has been the event’s keynote speaker since 2006.

Bernanke, like Alan Greenspan before him, has used the spotlight in Jackson Hole to announce important policy shifts including lending rate changes and the like. Word is Big Ben has a scheduling conflict that will keep him away at the end of August. It is not known whether Bernanke will give a speech via teleconference or video tape, or whether Vice Chairman Janet Yellen will pinch hit.

The Kansas City Fed’s annual symposium was moved to Jackson Hole in 1982, reportedly so then-Fed Chairman Paul Volcker could enjoy the valley’s stellar fly-fishing.

Wyoming wind blowing in Las Vegas

Could Wyoming wind one day keep the lights on in Las Vegas? That’s the plan, according to Salt Lake City journalist Brian Maffly.

The on-again, off-again Zephyr Power Transmission project is heating back up. Three open house meetings were conducted last week in Utah in communities (St. George, Parowan, and Milford) where the high-voltage power line would pass through on its way from Wyoming to Las Vegas, Nev.

Pathfinder Renewable Wind is proposing a $3.5 billion venture to build hundreds of turbines on 150,000 acres near Chugwater. The potential energy buyer would be the American Transmission Co., who would convert the “breeze juice” into alternating current and distribute it in the Eldorado Valley south of Las Vegas.

The Zephyr would follow a similar route through Utah as the one proposed for the TransWest Express Transmission Project. Both energy delivery projects would run 3,000-megawatt power lines some 850 miles through Utah to the Vegas area.

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