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By on April 30, 2013

No vacancy

Immigration in America has been a fervent topic of debate for some time now. Some time being some 500 years. We are all well aware that most of us are descendants of immigrants from some foreign land. Yet the debate continues as to who has the right to remain and who does not.

At the onset, despite the culture, laws, beliefs and above all the resentment of the indigenous people already inhabiting America, massive swarms of Europeans migrated and settled here as INTRUSIVE IMMIGRANTS; fortified with their own laws, religions and weapons accompanied with total disregard for the lives of the natives.

As Americas’ Atlantic seaboard and beyond became British colonies, the ancient barbaric tradition of slavery in the form of captured and unwilling Africans were imported for chattel as INESCAPABLE IMMIGRANTS.

Time passed and the Euro-Americans began to itch for their independence from Britain. In an attempt to disrupt and quell the restlessness and unity of the colonists, England began to exile their criminals, malcontents and unwanted citizens to America as INVOLUNTARY IMMIGRANTS; which obviously backfired.

Once American independence had been achieved, word spread around the world that “America was the place to be”, resulting in the migration of millions passing through Ellis Island and the Golden Gate with dreams of the good life as IDEALISTIC IMMIGRANTS.

With this long history in our pockets, we have now to deal with such migrations as border jumpers, job thieves, drug smugglers, human traffickers, tax evaders, terrorists, etc. whom are now labeled as ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

The debate on this issue has been adamantly volleyed back and forth in Congress, to and fro with the same results as tic-tac-toe: Nobody wins. A “Gang Of Eight” senators have been appointed to attempt to resolve this issue. A compromise may be near within this group but compromise is nothing but the surrender of ones’ convictions and a temporary truce among parties achieving no permanent solution.

There are those supposed open-minded political leaders who claim that all immigrants are welcomed with open arms for it invites the brightest and most talented for the betterment of the nation. The reality is that those who do migrate to America for such said reasons do so legally and few seldom remain. Most learn, leach and leave, along with American born talents, as outsourced stewards for wealthy corporations. It is only the despised and deceitful that jump the walls and cross the rivers for which the powers that be are considering forgiveness and amnesty. Alexander and Caesar made similar concessions of clemency which eventually brought them both to ruin.

Is it time for America to revert to the Biblical myth of a desperate man named Joseph and his very pregnant wife, Mary, whom were refused room and board at an inn due to its full capacity? Has America reached her full capacity of populous? Is it time that we shall reverse the position of Lady Liberty in the harbor where she would now face the American homeland with her back to the sea bearing the placard of, NO VACANCY? Tough call.

– Patrik Troiani

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