Donaldson offers no defense, found guilty

By on May 3, 2013

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Corey Donaldson, the Utah man who robbed U.S. Bank in Jackson Hole on New Year’s Eve, was found guilty Thursday. A jury returned the verdict in 50 minutes after Donaldson presented no case in defending himself. He called no witnesses and presented no evidence. Against the wishes of his advising council, he wanted to show a video tape of his confession, where Donaldson supposedly waxed poetically about his motivation for stealing more than $140,000. Judge Alan Johnson would not allow it saying it didn’t matter why he robbed the bank, the jury was being asked only to determine whether he did or not.

Corey Donaldson

Corey Donaldson

Donaldson urged the jury to do the “patriotic thing” and find him not guilty on grounds that his intent was merely to redistribute wealth to the needy. Prosecutor Todd Shugart called his closing statement “obscene.”

Sentencing is scheduled for July.

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