Hikers, gliders, et al, booted from butte

By on May 7, 2013

JACKSON  HOLE, WYO – Users of Antelope Butte, known to most locals as High School Butte, received bad news today as the decision was made to close the beloved hiking hill to all public use effective immediately.

The Oliver family owns a forty-acre parcel called Poodle Ranch that encompasses most of the top of the popular in-town hiking butte. The property is protected by a Jackson Hole Land Trust easement established in 1998. In the past, the Land Trust has worked with the Olivers to improve human-caused erosion on the scarred hillside. A massive effort in 2009 to revegetate the part of the switchback trail near the top was mildly successful but in the end members of the Oliver family have become increasingly discouraged by widening trails, litter, fire pits, and other degradation to their land.

After meeting with the Land Trust and public officials, the decision was made to close the area completely until further notice. Signs are expected to go up Wednesday.

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