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By on May 14, 2013


Good writing

I am writing to commend you on a very well written and balanced story about the Lake Trout Suppression Program on Yellowstone Lake. This is ABSOLUTELY one of the best pieces I have read on the subject.  I am a member of WTCC and also one of those that is a strong supporter of the program on Yellowstone Lake. I am the president of the Teton Valley chapter of Trout Unlimited, and our dinky chapter, composed mostly of broke, dirtbag guides, raised a quite a bit of money to support the Judas Fish project. It is something we are very proud of. We were all very impressed with the story you wrote about this very important conservation program. Thanks for the good work.

 – Boots Allen, Senior Guide, Snake River Angler


American interference

In the light of recent events taking place in the Middle East regarding the Syrian “civil war”, as an American citizen, it is of my sincere hope that, despite the raving rhetoric of some, the United States resists the temptation of extending her tentacles of empire into another arena of the abyss.

Please excuse me for my redundant repetition of expressing that a comparatively young American nation has no right nor need to interfere into ancient Middle Eastern tribal feuds and to expect a positive outcome.

The Syrian conflict, I believe, is of their own doing and is their own problem. Did foreign nations attempt to intervene into the American civil war? Were the United States to become involved in some manner in such said affairs, to which side would she lend her support? The rebellious faction? I do recall, not long ago, when America aided similar rebels in Afghanistan. I believe we are all now well aware of the gratuitous thank you that they have repaid us in return.

The United States concern with this Syrian storm does not pertain to the use of chemical weapons, the slaughter of civilians or even global human rights. If honesty was rewarded in gold bullion, the United States would be the first to admit that they could care less about any of these. Their true interest is to protect the state of Israel. Protect them not from being annihilated but from initiating annihilation to the region.

The state of Israel now exists in the very core of an age old hornets nest; which may pose the question to the wisdom of the United Nations in 1948. Israel, which is merely a broken off faction of these ancient Middle Eastern tribes, today, is an American made monster anxiously waiting to pull the trigger on some one. The American government somehow feels it to be its responsibility to hold Israel in check from becoming the spark that ignites a Middle Eastern tinderbox into a wide spread conflagration. Were such an event to occur, the most dreadful outcome would be that American oil executives may have to actually go out and work for a living. Imagine that.

– Patrik Troiani, Jackson


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