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By on May 15, 2013


Teton touchdown!UW_football_field_Ä_v2_no_shad

It’s probably been done already by some hardcore football fan but spiking the pigskin on top of the Grand is going to be a regular occurence this fall on Saturday afternoons. Jonah Field at War Memorial Stadium is undergoing a turf renovation. Work begins June 1 by FieldTurf Revolution.

The new playing surface will come with a redesign of the artwork on the football field where the Wyoming Cowboys play their home games. The endzone lettering will remain the same with the words “WYOMING” in one endzone and “COWBOYS” in the other. But a background will be added ala the state license plates which will feature a depiction of the iconic Tetons.

The elevation (7,220’) will also be displayed on the field for the first time.

What’s in a name?

Even the staid state of Wyoming has become caught up in the trend of bizarro baby-naming. It began in the African American community with the Shamequa’s and Twilimba’s. Then the trailer park crowd got hip with their Destiny’s and Kaylee’s. Now, Wyoming has to get into the act. Who hasn’t met a barrel racer named Cheyenne (or a spelling variation of) or a bronc rider named Cody?

Forget biblical names like Mark or John and the tried and true Bill and Cindy. Today’s kids carry monikers as unique as their proud parents think they are … or will be. Care to guess the most popular baby name for a boy born in Wyoming last year. You’ll never guess.

It’s Liam. Really.

The Wyoming Department of Health Vital Statistics Services Program keeps the records and they said so. Mason, Logan and Wyatt rounded out the top five followed by the stick-in-the-mud William. Guess Chugwater didn’t get the memo.

Ben Wilkowski, a University of Wyoming social psychology professor, said the trend has been ongoing in America for about 30 years and reflects our desire to achieve uniqueness.

For Wyoming girls last year, naming tendencies have shifted from hokey rodeo royalty to Victorian-era appellation straight out of Bronte novel. The trendy Madison was the most popular in 2012, followed by Emma, Sophia, Elizabeth, and Olivia.

Another new trend in baby naming is the wacko alt-spelling of traditional names, like, say, Skot or Sindi. Newspaper reporters just love that.

Beer run … all week

This week is American Craft Beer Week and locals are lucky to have such a thriving regional brew scene. Snake River Brewing has multiple World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Festival (GABF) awards, Grand Teton Brewing has snagged their share of hardware, too, and Thai Me Up Restaurant & Brewery won two GABF Awards in 2012.

The new kid on the block is the Roadhouse Brewing Co. They’re tapping their first kegs at Q Roadhouse this week. The fledgling craft beer brewery kicked off their grand opening with live music on Monday, and they are planning plenty of events this summer including a collaborative ‘Pint Night’ with Snake River and Grand Teton breweries.

A press release from Roadhouse brewer Don Watkins stated more than 2,400 small craft breweries are alive and well in the U.S. Don’t miss the Coast-to-Coast Toast on Thursday night at 8 p.m. Ask for a “Randall.” Then ask them what it is.

Poltico erects paywall

Popular political news blogger announced recently it would begin using a paywall – test marketing the idea in six states that included Wyoming.

Politico called it a “broader subscription model” and admitted it represented a shift in their thinking.

“As recently as a few months ago, we thought it was premature for Politico to start asking readers to pay for content, outside of ‘Pro.’ But it is increasingly clear that readers are more willing than we once thought to pay for content they value and enjoy,” the online pundits stated in a prepared release.

According to Politico, more than 300 media companies now charge for their online content – a trend that underway nationwide.

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