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By on May 21, 2013


Vintage vinyl here, too

I enjoyed your article about “vinyl”. I carry vinyl at my store Estate Collectables here in Jackson. I also carry turntables … but I am sold out at this time. I have regulars most in their 20’s that frequent my store often to pick up there favorite albums.

Just wanted to let you know you don’t need to leave town to get vinyl.

— Tammy Coy, Estate Collectables


Lions and bison and wolves, oh my

Wolf hunts, wolf kills, wolf quotas. Mountain lion hunts, mountain lion kills, mountain lion quotas. Bison hazing, bison trespass kills, bison quotas. Where does the insanity of this cycle end?

Wildlife Management, Game and Fish, Bureau of Land Management,etc. all have calculated the game plan for the betterment and prosperous future of mankind. Mankind. The most ruthless, cold-hearted and senseless predator that has evolved on this planet; killing any species on a whim, including his own, for greed, sport or simply for mere pleasure. For those whom place their faith in some sort of deity, do you truly believe that this is the pre-destined will of your God?

The United States government has been stressing upon the need to curb wasteful spending in order to reduce an astronomical federal deficit. The elimination of the aforesaid bureaus may substantially aid in this quest. One does not need an over paid uniformed slacker sitting behind a desk to inform the nation on the status and the needs of nature.

Hunting for food and provisions is of one matter; a matter of an age-old human tradition. Wild predators have always been a coexistent part of such. What is not necessary is an expensive federal agency delegating some fat-cat agent with a meaningless shiny badge on his breast to instill rules and regulations of predatory management unto a world that has managed itself quite efficiently for some time without the interference of his own egotistical expertise.

— Patrik Troiani, Jacksonian

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