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By on May 21, 2013


Pot test on sale at the Dollar Tree in Jackson.

Pot test on sale at the Dollar Tree in Jackson.

Weed whacker

Suspicious parents now have a quick and easy alternative to rummaging through their kid’s sock drawer. Spotted at the Dollar Tree: An at-home marijuana drug test kit. Mom and dad can be 98 percent certain whether you are tokin’, and in just five easy minutes. Five of the longest minutes of some teen’s life.

Cool runner Eric Orton

Cool runner Eric Orton

Cool runnings

Jackson’s Eric Orton is an elite mountain runner and coach. He also authored a new book titled, “The Cool Impossible.” It’s available in hardcopy, paperback and deluxe eBook version complete with instructional training videos.

Christopher McDougall, New York Times bestselling author of “Born to Run,” said, “This guy is a miracle worker.”

We were awed by the promotional video that was loaded with Orton sweating through some glamorous shots of the Jackson Hole area to Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive.” Orton’s wife is Jackson Hole Middle School instructional facilitator Michelle Rooks.

We were tipped off to Orton’s book release by a Facebook post from Keith Gingery, Orton’s neighbor, who acknowledged seeing the iron man head out for one of his endless runs the other day.

Today in Yellowstone

The “Today” show’s plan to have all five anchors visit five different U.S. destinations, including Yellowstone, in one week was preempted by NBC’s decision to cover tornado-ravaged Moore, Oklahoma, on Tuesday. The West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce put out the word late Monday.

The “Great American Adventure” was to include broadcasts from Hawaii, Chicago, Orlando, Fla., and the New Jersey shore. A live broadcast from Old Faithful was scheduled for Tuesday. The network expected around five-million viewers to tune in. A crew of approximately 70 people with equipment everywhere was setting up Monday before the plug was pulled.

Weatherman Al Roker said he has never been to Yellowstone and was looking forward to the trip even though his forecast for the nation’s first national park called for chilly overnight lows around 27

“It’s going to be, obviously, chilly in Yellowstone, but it’s going to be fun,” Roker said. “It’s going to be brisk.”

Roker and co-anchor Willie Geist took a five-question quiz on Yellowstone. Judging from the results, they both have a lot to learn on their field trip to Wyoming.

Jax footballer gets Gatorade nod

Jackson Bronc soccer standout Will Horstmann won the Wyoming Gatorade Soccer Player of the Year last week, just before the state tourney. The nimble No. 11 was chosen as the top soccer player in the state among all divisions by Gatorade. Jackson was ranked 13th best in the country before their disappointing loss in the second round of the state championship.

Bryan Pedersen (Alan Rogers, Star-Tribune)

Bryan Pedersen (Alan Rogers, Star-Tribune)

From lawmaker to haymaker

State legislator Bryan Pedersen is getting some national recognition (we saw a story on Yahoo Sports) for his work to legalize Mixed Martial Arts fighting in Wyoming. Now, the 38-year-old is ready to “prove up” on his bill by getting into the cage for a fight at the Colosseum Fight Series; the first fights in Cheyenne since the bill passed.

Pedersen said he’s been training for MMA for the past four years as a way to stay in shape. When he was asked to take on an opponent, he couldn’t refuse.

“This is not something I normally do,” he originally told the Casper Star-Tribune. “But I really believe in the sport.”

Pedersen is now retired from a life of politics after six years in the Wyoming Legislature. He said this will be both his debut bout and official retirement from MMA fighting. At least Pedersen will feel at home for the weigh-in. It’s scheduled to take place on the steps of the State Capitol Building.


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