State statute: High school extracurriculars for all

By on May 23, 2013

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Rumors of late and a certain degree of confusion has led some students and parents of students to understand public high school sports, after-school activities, and electives are for Jackson Hole High School students only. JH Weekly was recently made aware of public concern over who exactly is eligible to play sports or participate in extra school activities.

Scott Hirschfield, Head of School at Jackson Hole Community School, said he wished to clear up some misinformation regarding the eligibility of students who do not attend the public high school to take part in its programs.

“I have been receiving a number of inquiries lately regarding the opportunity for our students to participate in athletics, activities, and electives at Jackson Hole High,” he wrote. “[T]o clarify: All students from all schools, including the Community School, Journeys School, and all home-schooled students, can participate in all Wyoming High School Activities Association (WHSAA) activities offered by Jackson Hole High School. This is state law. It includes sports, speech and debate, and more. For example, if your child plays soccer, he or she can participate on the JHHS soccer team.”

Hirschfield added that JHHS recently implemented new policy regarding non-enrolled students who wish to take electives or audit specific classes at the high school. The change could affect home-schooled or independently-schooled kids from participating in band or orchestra. The Community School will now offer zero hour band class and a zero hour orchestra classes next year to compensate those students.

For further information, contact Hirschfield by phone (733-5427) or email (

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