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By on May 28, 2013


Red Flags of Alarm

In accordance with recent reports of the discovery of bison carcasses strewing the landscape north of Yellowstone Park, speculation has the cause for this unknown phenomena to be a deadly disease termed as “malignant catarrahl fever.” A disease that is believed to be transferred from domestic sheep to inflict bison, cattle deer and moose with lethal results. This must certainly be a red flag of alarm for the animal control authorities.

May this possibly be a tactic of revenge for that mythical pandemic of brucellosis, that dreaded plague that supposedly spreads from wild bison to domestic cattle, causing aborted births? Or is it merely another dreamed up concoction of mad science from the Game and Fish in order to keep their jobs?

Were the former to be true, perhaps it is time to organize a few government funded posses to haze these sheep into pens, expose them to extensive testing for this disease and in the slightest suspicious case of its presence, immediately exterminate them. Does this sound familiar?

 – Patrik Troiani, Jacksonian



Last week’s Get Out column by Jake Nichols (Game for Leeks Canyon? – 5/22/13) described hiking from Game Creek into Leeks Canyon. The column “supposed” that there is a tract of private land that is “technically” closed to the public blocking access to Highway 26/89/189/191 from the Leeks Canyon trail. It has been brought to our attention that the trail does, in fact, terminate above the highway. There is private property between the terminus of the trail and the highway, and the owners of that private property wish to make it clear that it is indeed closed to the public.


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