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By on May 28, 2013


Themonus5.29Pants on the ground

Full disclosure: Mountain Khakis conducted the survey that found out men like to wear khakis. Hmm, who didn’t see this coming?

“Are khakis the male style equivalent of the little black dress?” a press release ran by at least one newspaper as legitimate news asked.

More than 80 percent of men said that when they weren’t sure what to wear for an event they went with the old standby: khakis. From the boat to the boardroom, from a day of hiking to a date, from yard work to a wedding; it was khakis men reached for again and again for their versatility and confidence-delivering style.

More than a quarter of men polled said they owned seven or more pairs of the tan wonders.

Do women agree? Apparently. Ninety-six percent of women said they like a guy in khakis.

Wyoming suicide rate troublesome again

Wyoming is on pace to lead the nation once again in suicide rate. The state was No. 1 last year and 2013 is beginning right where 2012 left off.

Kim Deti, of the Wyoming Department of Health, said 25 people have taken their own lives in the first quarter of this year. That’s down from 28 at this time last year, but still high enough to have state officials worried that Wyoming’s efforts to curb its high suicide rate are not proving effective.

Park County (Cody, Powell) in particular continues to startle experts. So far this year, six suicides have occurred in that county alone, five since Easter. In 2012, Park County’s suicide rate was 12 suicides per 30,000 people. The national average is 12 per 100,000.

White middle-aged men are the most likely to take their own lives and that segment continues to be most troubled both in Wyoming and across the country.

The Casper Star-Tribune ran the story.

NYC Foodie delights in JH

“The Guide: 8 Great Things to Eat (and Drink) in Jackson Hole,” read the headline of the Daily Fare. And New York food critic Jay Cheshes got the list darn close to truth.

Nora’s huevos rancheros topped the list followed by fresh pasta with elk ragu (Il Villaggio Osteria) and steak tartare pizza (Snake River Grill). Cheshes even managed to list Trio’s word-of-mouth decadent desert, the cast iron S’mores.

The article also included a nice shout out to The Rose barkeep David Kaplan, a New Yorker, who Cheshes said, “serves his top-shelf tipples to rowdy locals in flannel and fleece.”

Will Wyoming adopt tougher DUI standards?

The push is on, at the national level, to lower state BAC levels that define drunk driving but Wyoming seems unlikely to adopt the measure anytime soon.

The National Transportation Safety Board earlier this month passed on a recommendation to all 50 states that they consider lowering the legal limit for DUIs from the .08 standard to .05 BAC. Gov. Matt Mead said he would prefer increased penalties for stewballs who blow astronomical BACs but he’s willing to study any initiative that will decrease traffic fatalities caused by drunk drivers.

Mike Moser, of the Wyoming State Liquor Association, told the Wyoming Tribune Eagle that the change could criminalize social drinking. Depending on a person’s weight or other factors, it’s possible a driver could be charged with DUI after as few as two drinks with a reduced BAC of .05.

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