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By on June 11, 2013

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – One night last week when out at dinner, I wondered aloud what I’d write about this week. A friend asked the obvious: “Have you written about here?” I eat at Thai Me Up at least once a week, last week visiting three times, and yet I’ve never written about it.

Pile pulled pork and bacon atop a third of a pound of beef reportedly from happy cows, drizzle it with Thai mayo and sprinkle on some Thai basil and chilis and you’ve got what I think is the best burger in town, all for about $10.

A visit to TMU isn’t complete without its $4 shishito peppers. (Geraldine Mishev)

A visit to TMU isn’t complete without its $4 shishito peppers.
(Geraldine Mishev)

I first had fried shishito peppers at The Kitchen. I loved the way they simultaneously crackled and caressed my mouth. But The Kitchen no longer has them. Thai Me Up does, however. And you get twice as many for a third of the price ($4 at Thai Me Up). I think it’s the best $4 you can spend on food in this town. Each of the three times I was at TMU last week, I had the peppers. Unlike the service in the bar, they’ve never once let me down, although occasionally the hot peppers have outnumbered the mild ones and I’m left to hiccup through my entre.

I’m not much of a beer drinker, if at all, despite my mom’s best efforts. She’s a beer connoisseur. But when need be, I can be happy with a National Bohemian (Natty Boh). So TMU’s homemade brews are lost on me, but its giant party-size flaming cocktails (Bamboozled, $18) are not.

Until recently I had pledged my eternal devotion to the restaurant’s G-13 noodle dish ($16 with veggies, more for animal protein). From the menu: “Very rich and flavorful. Wide noodles in a coconut kaffir curry reduction with vegetables. This dish was created and made from scratch here at Thai Me Up. Why is it called G-13 you ask? Because this dish is dope!”

I opt for both extra chicken and extra veggies, which provides enough take-home for three more meals. But, after getting two G-13s that were sub-par with the sauce not its usual thickness, I’ve branched out. And not just to the burger.

I had to order the Evil Jungle Prince curry ($16-$18) just for the name, but the description didn’t hurt either: “a kaffir/red bell pepper reduction with broccoli, Thai chili and Thai basil.” It didn’t have nearly the kick I would expect from something with “Evil” in its name, but my dining companion tried it and said the Evil Jungle Prince did have some kick. However, I finished half the dish without the prince so much as tingling my taste buds. But a dish doesn’t need to be spicy to be good. The prince was delicious.

The next night, I went with the Masaman curry ($16-$18). The menu informed me this was a dish originally brought to Thailand by Indian traders; a Muslim curry with tamarind, house roasted peanuts and veggies. Again, it wasn’t spicy, but it was still awesome.

If you want spicy, your choice is easy: Spicy noodles. The menu lays it out: “You cannot send this back because it’s too spicy – deal with it.”

I’ve never had any problem dealing with the food at Thai Me Up. Even the nights the G-13 reduction was a little runnier than I’d like, it was still scrumptious. However, the service is another issue. Especially when sitting at an outside bar table.

I often go to TMU when I’m looking for a quick bite. Several times I’ve been finished and ready to settle up and it has been upwards of 20 minutes before any server has materialized. An hour-long dinner becomes 90 minutes. Maybe I just need to relax and order another Bamboozled. But I guess that’s not really an option either, as I’d need to place my order with someone.

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