HIGH ART: Seek the intention of Intencións

By on June 18, 2013

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Crystal sound bowls and jewelry infused with flower essences create a unique alchemy at a new art gallery and studio space in downtown Jackson dedicated to raising consciousness with intention.

Artist Susan Russell Hall, left, with Intencións owners Daniela Botur and Frank Marinaro (Julie Kling)

Artist Susan Russell Hall, left, with Intencións owners Daniela Botur and Frank Marinaro (Julie Kling)

Intencións fills a new-age niche among the dozens of nearby galleries, many dedicated to Western art. With an open invitation to local artists and healers to co-create, Daniela Botur and Frank Marinaro opened Intencións in 60 days.

“I am a woman inspired to live to my highest potential through expressing my joy, love and importance of our interconnection through my art, and wanting to bring people together,” Botur said. “I’m a weaver of dreams. And my loom is spiritual.”

More than 100 people joined them last week to celebrate the opening with an exhibit by Susan Russell Hall, a painter who spent 27 years as a medical illustrator before she began painting sacred imagery and symbols. Hall uses an encaustic method, which is evolved from an ancient Egyptian process of layering hot beeswax with color. Her lotus flowers are inspired by the seven chakras, or metaphysical life forces from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

“I am so excited to be a part of this,” Hall said as she whizzed around the gallery hanging her prints to collaborate with local artist and former gallery owner ‪Lyndsay McCandless.

McCandless inspired the experiential element of the exhibit where visitors were invited to walk through curtains in the colors of the chakras, choose the one they identify with most and leave an intention on the wall.

Creating a gallery space that is experiential and open to interpretation took a great risk on the part of Botur and Marinaro as metaphysical art is out of many people’s comfort zone.

With a weekend of free community programming, including crystal sound bowl meditation, a dance party, a chakra mandala and kids kirtan, Intencións offered people of all ages the gift of opening their minds to a therapeutic form of healing arts. A dozen children running around in superhero capes at the kids’ kirtan helped put it all in perspective.

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