PROPS & DISSES: Cowboys vs. Indians, someone call the cavalry

By on June 18, 2013


Teton School District Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme

Teton School District Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme

Cowboys vs. Indians, someone call the cavalry   PROP

At first, I wanted to jump all over Teton School District Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme’s decision to obliterate the school’s Redskin mascot. It smacked of the type of overly-PC decision-making that appeases a relatively few squeaky wheels to the dismay of the rest of us sensible majority. Today’s politically correct thinking states: If one person claims to be offended by something, a thousand should kowtow. The majority doesn’t exist. Everyone should be made happy, as if that were even possible.

Woolstenhulme didn’t do himself any favors, either, when he told the Teton Valley News, “I’m not asking for board approval, it’s a decision I’m making.”

Here we have one guy, a renegade and probable outsider, hell-bent on imposing his will and erasing more than a century of tradition. Oh yeah, this Woolstenhulme was headed for a “Diss.” And I’m hardly in the minority. The commentary following the article is decidedly against Woolstenhulme’s decision and an online petition called “Save the Redskins” has garnered 628 signatures so far.

“This is NOT Monte Woolstenhulme’s personal kingdom that he can rule and reign with his hypersensitive, self-imagined whims,” the petition reads. I so wanted to join the mob and find a sharp stick. I’m the last guy on earth you would call politically correct or sensitive to the hurtful practice of name-calling.

Well, Woolstenhulme is not an “outsider.” His family has been in Teton Valley for at least five generations. And we all know what would happen if the school super vetted this with his board or invited the public-at-large to weigh in. Five million differing opinions and endless costly impact studies would have a pending decision stuck in committee for as long as Wyoming’s Teton County Comp Plan has been bandied about.

I don’t have an issue with HOW Woolstenhulme pulled the plug (quick like a Band-Aid) or even why. This isn’t about political correctness gone mad. This isn’t about an acknowledgment that a nationwide campaign is underway insisting we all become a little more touchy-feely when it comes to mascot names (the NFL’s Washington Redskins is one of a few sports organizations that recently received a “friendly” note from Congress).

This is about removing a derogatory reference to a race of people that is no different than using the N-word for African-Americans. In the right context, calling out a local tribal nation by name – like what Florida State does with its Seminoles – with their permission, might fly. Even the blanket term “Indians” is less offensive than the R-word.

Tradition doesn’t excuse it. It’s not associated guilt for wiping out American Indians by sword and smallpox, shoving the survivors onto barren wasteland reservations. It’s simply wrong, and it has to be corrected.

potMore ropers, less dopers   DISS

Several arguments exist for legalizing marijuana. It is not as harmful to society as alcohol. Polls show a majority of Americans are willing to give it a try. And, finally, it makes sound financial sense. None of these arguments, however, should give cause for lighting up just yet.

The local initiative to ask Mayor Mark Barron where he stands on the possibility of legalizing pot in Jackson, Wyo., is gaining some traction. Next to Boulder, Colo., Jackson is one of the most logical battlegrounds for an ordinance allowing a joint or two tucked behind the ear of a Hole hippie. Christie Christian has been the driving force behind the movement to get the mayor to break ranks with the big bad feds and give a thumbs-down to their tyranny against local stoners.

Sure, a baked society might be a little less violent than a drunk society, but by that kind of reasoning we should allow motorists to drive 20 miles an hour over the speed limit because, well, it’s not as dangerous as driving 35 miles over.

While we’re at it, a more useful petition would be to make Teton County dry, not high. Alcohol contributes to at least 90 percent of the stupid criminal stories I read in the police blotter every week. Dreams of a utopian community are only as far away as Carrie Nation’s trusty axe.

Besides, puffing on weed will make an already underproductive country even less motivated. No one is lazier than Americans, except, maybe, baked Americans.

And, please, save the argument that “Colorado has pot and we’re losing tourism and tax dollars to our neighboring state.” Like my mom was fond of saying, “If Colorado told you to jump off a bridge, would you?”

Get ’er done   PROP

The five-way construction is what it is. Traffic snarls created by it are a headache for all of us, but Evans is hitting it as hard as they can right now, and they may have erased earlier estimates that had them a week behind schedule. Mitch Evans told JH Weekly on Monday that it is going to be close whether they can get both lanes reopened by the July 1 deadline for Phase I, or face a $10,000 fine for every day they have to work in July.

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