Tofte’s ticked: TMU toilet tagged

By on June 20, 2013

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – “I’d like to find the guy who did this and have a fistfight with him, that’s all,” Jeremy Tofte told JH Weekly by phone today. Tofte was dismayed to learn someone had defaced the wall mural in one of Thai Me Up’s bathrooms last night by tossing the contents of a can of paint onto the artwork. The owner of the Thai eatery and hottest nano-brewery in the valley right now said he would pay anyone $1,000 for ratting out the culprit so Tofte could challenge him or her to duke it out.

When reached by phone today, Tofte said his maintenance staff was able to clean most of it off the wall but the floor remained stained in green paint. He said a paint can was swiped from a utility closet and used as the ‘weapon of crass destruction.’

Tofte said the challenge stands and here at JH Weekly we would also like to offer our online comment section as a fess up forum. Our Half Off Jackson Hole department said they could hook up informants with some really cool schwag.

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