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By on June 25, 2013

Senseless squandering of funds

In this acronymic age of abbreviation, where mankind has become so lazy as to no longer speak in full sentences, I feel compelled to create one of my own of which I will simply coin as SSF; senseless squandering of funds.

This is in regard to the so named SLIB of Wyoming: the State Loan and Investment Board, whom have recently, and in my eyes wastefully, approved three million dollars in grants and loans to the Vertical Harvest building and to Snow King Mountain; both of Jackson Hole.

To spend such a grant of 1.5 million dollars to erect a three- story green house, to me, is frivolity at its finest. Were this project to become nothing more than a circus tourist attraction and actually produce some food, I can only imagine the extravagant prices for its purchase. After all, this is Jackson where one must be wealthy to eat healthy. The half-million dollar grant and one-million dollar loan to Snow King Mountain, to supposedly improve their snow-making capabilities is the poorer of the two SLIB investments. Snow Kings recent financial voyage has been daunted by rocky shores to say the least. Its owners, due to irresponsible past investments, have been forced to sell its hotel and condos in hopes of repairing its leaking and aged hull. The present snow making system, installed in 1994, is in constant need of repair due to the initial use of sub-par and inferior materials to cut costs. The ownership bemoans to the public its annual loss of revenue every Winter ski season. With these factors in mind, I must seriously question the sagacity of SLIB.

It is truly amazing how a five member appointed committee, all of whom are independently wealthy themselves, can arbitrarily decide on which direction of the wind that they shall cast millions of dollars. I can think of many other worthwhile projects to invest such funds, as can you.

But it is all irrelevant indeed. Let us all idly stand by and let the gardens grow and the fake snow blow so we may all peacefully sleep at night in the felicity of our ideal little hamlet.

­– Patrik Troiani 


Holmes Cave banter

Tell me, how did you find out about the existence of Holmes Cave? A number of years ago, Pattie and I went looking for the cave, too.

If you read my Jackson Hole Settlement Chronicles, you’ll see that John Holland, credited as one of Jackson Holes earliest (first) settlers, guided the Holmes party to the cave. There is no feature in Jackson Hole named for Holland, except the “Holland Chamber” in this cave. Well, we found the place where Holmes Creek drains into a hole. It isn’t a cave at all, but rather is a limestone sink. Not my cup of tea to descend through a waterfall into an unknown limestone labyrinth.

– Earle Layser 

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