SINGLE TRACK: Backyardloop brings thrills and beauty

By on June 25, 2013

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – A friend and I finally had a chance to ride the newly revamped “Race Course,” a 15-mile loop behind Snow King. The original Snow King Classic race course, circa 1990s, climbed straight up the King (literally!), down West Game, up over Game Creek Divide and out Lower Putt Putt. These days, we’re fortunate to have the option to ride most of this loop on singletrack.

We pedaled from my house in East Jackson to the Cache Creek Trailhead, and then up to Ferrin’s Trail via the Hagen Highway. I was already winded when my friend insisted on timing us from there to the top. But, I managed to hang on long enough to crest over the saddle and roll in the direction of West Game. Instead of facing the old, rutted trail of the past, however, we enjoyed a track that contoured through the burned zones of the Little Horsethief Fire. The contrast between the blackened wood and the bright green grass is surreal!

After this section, we descended West Game, loving the fast stretches and tight turns all the same. We then took a left at the next major junction and climbed to the top of Game Creek Divide, careful to avoid any collisions with downhill traffic. A short descent linked us to the jeep road in the Cache Creek drainage, and from there we opted to ride the length of the Hagen Trail back to the trailhead. All in all, it was a gorgeous afternoon of riding in my backyard!

Upcoming Events: Cache Game MTB Race, Wednesday, and the Outerlocal Games on Saturday.

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