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By on July 2, 2013


The American Experiment

Thursday, 4 July, 2013, most Americans will commemorate the 237th year of the proclamation of the birth of a nation. It was on this day, in the year 1776 in the city of Philadelphia, that it was announced to the American colonial public that all political and economical ties with Great Britain were now and forever severed and dissolved; thus creating what some proudly coined as the “United States of America.”

After a long train of abuses and oppressions by a far off British government, years of indecision and a final unanimous conclusion, 56 uncertain, yet brave, men quilled their signatures to a document declaring their independence to the world; knowing that as a result they all may end up hanging from British gallows. It is that very document and its content that has been annually celebrated in America every July 4th from that day forward.

These notable men were vanguards in what they had then termed as the “American Experiment.” Such an experiment had never been attempted prior and were they able to know that their vision survived and yet continues, I believe that they would be truly honored.

During the passage of time, America has seen her peaks and valleys, her clear blue skies and tempestuous storms and her brightest of days and darkest of nights. Through it all she yet endures. These men of that era would most likely be appalled were they to witness some of our modern day practices as we have also been equally appalled in the gaining the knowledge of some of their own. Yet their experiment continues. America is a science and facts have proven that in science truth cannot be achieved without the experiment; of both failure and success.

In that year of 1776, Thomas Paine optimistically assured everyone that America can “begin the world anew.” Well, the world itself is quite old and something “anew” is bound to take a little time. The American experiment is still in a relatively adolescent state and with a little more time, patience and perseverance Paine’s optimism may one day come to fruition.

– Patrik Troiani

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