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By on July 2, 2013


adam sandler (Conan)

Celebrity sightings

Judge Judy has been spotted about town recently. The famed fire-breathing arbiter of reality TV has a home in the area and visits frequently. One thing we’ve always heard consistently from anyone in the service industry who has waited on her is how nice she is and what a generous tipper she is. Makes up for all the celebs who think just to bask in their presence is reason enough to leave 2 percent on a $600 dinner tab.

For those who insisted they saw Adam Sandler on the slopes last winter: turns out you were right. Sandler, who hasn’t been funny since “Happy Gilmore” or relevant since “Anger Management,” guested on Conan back on April 9 where he divulged to the red-headed manic that his kids were frightened by a Jackson Hole restaurant. The Gun Barrel Steak & Game House posted the clip on Facebook the other day with this to say: “Thanks Adam Sandler for the shout out tonight (rerun?) on Conan. We were happy to have you at the restaurant this winter. Sorry our taxidermy scared your girls!”

Sandler couldn’t be bothered to even wear pants in the clip and he struggled mightily attempting to make the story humorous or entertaining but it was gratifying to hear the Gun Barrel get their due even if Sandler referred to them as the Game Lodge.

T-shirt found near Cooper's remains (Casper Star-Tribune)

T-shirt found near Cooper’s remains (Casper Star-Tribune)

 Jackson Police won’t quit on 30-year-old murder case

A 30-year-old cold case might be getting revived in Jackson. Investigators  were never able to solve the disappearance of Eric James Cooper on October 14, 1983. For three years they worked the case, following up leads in California and Florida where witnesses claimed they saw the 23-year-old. They had all but given up until three years later a teenaged tourist from Australia, who was picking huckleberries with his parents near Signal Mountain, stumbled across a human skull. It had a shattered .22 slug inside. Dental records confirmed the skull was Cooper’s.

The case went cold again until 2005 when .22 caliber pistol was discovered in a long-abandoned bank safety deposit box. JPD Cpl. Andy Pearson said, “It was the right time frame, right caliber. There is no reason for this to be in the safety deposit box all by itself. I’m quite curious about it.”

Police then started tracking down theories the gun may be connected with the execution-style, single shot murders of Lisa Ehlers, 27, and Jon Rice, 26, – both killed in the area in 1984. Pearson and fellow officer Russ Ruschill told the Casper Star-Tribune they are zeroing in on a few revived pieces of evidence, including a t-shirt found near Cooper’s body, in the hope they will soon be able to solve the case.

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