LETTERS: 7.10.13

By on July 9, 2013


Dissing doggies

What does it take to get an honest, non-biased story printed. Obviously the one regarding German Shepherd Dogs was definitely biased! Does it take someone funneling tons of money your way … like what the HSUS likes to do.

– Carolyn Putnam, Fairwind Supplies for the German Shepherd Dog Exhibitor, Fairwind German Shepherd Dogs, German Shepherd Dog Club of America member


Kudos for Turner

I couldn’t believe I had just finished telling my son Art about the wonderful effort that Ted Turner was doing for the Bison and for open range restoration in Montana, while we were fishing along one of the rivers bordering the Flying D Ranch and then I stumbled upon your article in the JH Weekly on our way home. Great article and I can’t wait to read the book.

– Timothy W. Lacinak, Cincinnati

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