SINGLETRACK: Shady trails for dog days

By on July 9, 2013

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Happy July! The heat is on. I am hydrating like crazy and am picky about what time I hit the trails. I also seek out shadier places to do my climbing. Last week, a friend and I rode up the Phillips Ridge Trail from Fish Creek Road. I had never ridden the trail in this direction and was relieved that it winded uphill at a nice, steady pace. We climbed for 45 minutes before turning around. With more time, we would have continued on to the Arrow Trail and, eventually, to Old Pass Road.

Another great shady climb is Ferrin’s Trail. I usually bike up Upper Cache Creek Drive and catch the singletrack that connects to the Hagen Highway before connecting with Ferrin’s. This climb always tests my lungs and balance. From the top, it’s an easy ride down West Game, a short climb to the top of Snow King or a sweet descent.

Or, if I’m looking for a shorter loop, I will often seek the shade of Sink or Swim. I like the challenge of maneuvering (or hiking over!) the large roots and rocks along the way. Next time, I’m going to ride it to the base of Snow King to join the Wednesday People’s Market and to grab some fresh veggies, yummy food, drinks, music, and beer!

Next up: Teton Freedom Riders and Fitzgerald’s Bicycles DIG DAY on Teton Pass, Saturday, at 10 a.m., base of the Old Pass Road. See and stay cool!

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