THEM ON US: Republican ticket on parade for Fourth

By on July 9, 2013


Was that really Sarah Palin in Jackson Hole? (New York Daily News)

Was that really Sarah Palin in Jackson Hole? (New York Daily News)

Republican ticket on parade for Fourth

Our spies spotted a few more celebrities in town over the holiday weekend. Here to get her patriotism on was former Governor of Alaska and VP candidate Sarah Palin.

Our moose and grizzly population likely made the Alaskan feel right at home but she probably didn’t feel at ease being so close to former VP Dick Cheney. Cheney blindsided Palin a year ago this month when he told ABC News that Sen. John McCain should not have picked her as his running mate because she was not qualified.

Jenna Bush Hager, younger twin daughter of President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush, were also seen in and around town over the Fourth.

Far East Wild West?

When does a three-bedroom weekend home in Jackson Hole sell for $300,000? When you step outside to breathe the fresh mountain smog and remember you live under a dictatorship-style authoritarian rule in the most polluted and populated country on the planet.

We tipped our readers off to the Jackson Hole, China, development years ago. Now that mainstream media has caught on (CNN ran a recent feature), everyone’s talking about it again.

The Chinese version is a bit more crowded than the Wyoming original – although this time of year it’s practically a toss up – and the Far East Wild West Shangri-La is accessible via the historic Route 66. Hmm, maybe they need a road map.

Cheney gunning for Enzi?

Speculation that Liz Cheney’s move to Jackson Hole from Virginia was the beginning of a plot to launch a political career looks less like speculation now. Dick Cheney’s eldest daughter up and told Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi she might be gunning for his seat in the Senate. The phrase she used was “looking at” running, according to a New York Times article last week.

Dick Cheney’s political career was launched similarly by a 10-year stint as Wyoming’s lone congressman from 1979 to 1989. Enzi has already announced he will seek a fourth term. The Times story says Dick has been more visible in his home state since his daughter moved to Wyoming, and that he and Enzi are fly-fishing buddies.

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