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By on July 16, 2013


71713themonus1And Wyoming’s state beer is …

Thrillist’s “Red, White, and Booze: Mapping all 50 states’ most iconic beer/hooch” project was fairly accurate with one glaring error to anyone who lives around here.

Tennessee was predictably represented by Jack Daniels, California had its Sierra Nevada, and Shiner Bock rules Texas, no doubt. But the Wyoming entry was off and it’s nothing against Grand Teton Brewing – it’s a geography thing.

We could cut Thrillist some slack if they were going off some old info. GTB was once known as Otto Brothers’ Brewing Company, (founded in 1992 as Wyoming’s very first brewpub located in Wilson) but the brewery moved to Victor in 1998 and changed its name in 2000.

Grand Teton might imply Jackson Hole, (We always think it does) and it’s easy to forget you can see the mountain from both sides, but Thrillist really should have looked harder into this. For Idaho, they gave props to Laughing Dog Brewing. That’s a mighty small outfit to be Idaho’s signature booze.

Our suggestion: Put Grand Teton Brewing back in the Gem State and award Snake River Brewing its rightful spot.

Jackson architect does Denver

Progressive-thinking and award-winning architect Stephen Dynia is designing a next-generation housing development in Denver called Freight Residences. The project features  a mix of 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom rentals. Dynia previously finished the conversion of a 30,000-square-foot freight terminal into a commercial space, nearby.

We read the news in Colorado’s Inside Real Estate News.

 Jackson Hole Diner robbed!

Thieves steal ATM right out of Jackson Hole Diner! So reads the headline that grabbed our attention. Turns out the eatery named Jackson Hole Diner is in Queens, N.Y. where stuff gets robbed all the time. New York Daily News ran the misleading headline.

Another headline read, “Alligator found in Wyoming.” It came from Fox17 out of Wyoming, Mich.


Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney

Enzi braces for primary battle

The Casper Star-Tribune political pundit Joan Barron is already thinking ahead to a possible long and messy Republican Senate primary. Her piece on July 14 explained how Mike Enzi, 69, is worried enough about a challenge from carpetbagger Liz Cheney, 46, that he announced his candidacy for a fourth term fairly early for him. Enzi normally holds disdain for drawn out campaigns and has traditionally declared his intentions near the deadline.

But Enzi, according to Barron, is simply gearing up to meet the expected challenge from Cheney by his early disclosure. He has already received a pledge of support from the National Republican Senatorial Committee over Cheney. Enzi supporters are also backing their man early, dumping a reported $100,000 into his campaign in the last month, bringing his total war chest to an estimated $375,000.

And Newsmax is speculating a Cheney-Enzi showdown could potentially open the door for a Democrat. Names offered by the web news source were former state Rep. Mike Massie, Rodger McDaniel, and, hold on to your hat, former Gov. Dave Freudenthal.

 Wyoming wideout being watched

The Tallahassee Quarterback Club Foundation released its 2013 Biletnikoff Award watch list on Tuesday, and a UW Cowboy wide receiver made the cut.

Robert Herron (#6) was one of Brett Smith’s favorite targets last season when he was healthy. Heron heads into his senior year with high hopes from his head coach, Dave Christensen.

“We are extremely proud of Robert for earning a spot on the Biletnikoff Watch List,” Christensen said in a release. “To be included among the top receivers in the country is a credit to his talent and hard work. He had a very good season last year, despite missing some games with an injury. He enters this season healthy, and we are expecting Robert to have a big year his senior season.”

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