SINGLETRACK: A good ride gone awry

By on July 23, 2013

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – For eons I had been wanting to ride Mill Creek, a trail that is a connector between Teton Canyon and Grand Targhee Ski Area. So, early on a Wednesday morning, I headed there with a friend to check it out. We climbed up Mill Creek, knowing that we would be rewarded with a long, fun ride down. Along the way, we stopped to catch our breath and soak in panoramic views of Alaska Basin. It was really quiet out there. But, as the trail ducked in and out of the trees, we made a lot of noise to warn wildlife of our presence.  This proved to be a good idea, as we crossed paths with a rider who nearly ran into a bear moments before we came upon her. As we approached the ski area boundary, we took a left and pedaled up Colter’s Escape, a single track that snakes back and forth before arriving at a service road that intersects the Sacajewea Lift line. From there, the options were endless. Had we more time, we could have pedaled up Peaked and looped back down to Mill Creek via .38 Special, a section that promised a “hold on loosely, but don’t let go” descent. Or, we could have jumped on the Lightening Trail, which is a lovely, less technical track that would have dropped us at the base of the ski area. Instead, we turned around and headed back down the way we came up. I was loving every minute of it until I went over the handlebars about half way to Teton Canyon. I cracked my helmet and broke a rib (as I later found out), but I managed to get back to the car with the help of my friend. Ouch! No mountain biking until the end of August. So, have fun out there for me, be safe and keep the rubber side on the trail!

Upcoming events: Pierre’s Hole 50/100 MTB Race, August 3 at Grand Targhee Ski Area. Do one, two or three 33-mile laps. Here’s your chance to ride Mill Creek!  

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