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By on August 13, 2013


Teton Village 1945

Teton Village 1945

Teton Village 2013

Teton Village 2013













Aerial imagery turns back clock   PROPS

I can’t stop fooling around on the county’s GIS mapping website. This column was supposed to be turned in days ago.

The Teton Conservation District just wrapped up a decade-long project that provides aerial imagery for Teton County that dates back to the 1940s. Conservation Programs Coordinator Robb Sgroi announced that the TCD has put the finishing touches on the 1955 aerial imagery – that bridges a gap that had existed between 1945 and 1967.

Users can integrate multiple maps, about 20 in all, with their own personal map software like MapInfo, ESRI, etc. Feel free to play with the online software by searching “Teton County GIS.”

I was particularly fascinated with zeroing in on 1945 Teton Village like I was B-52 ace ready to drop the bomb. But wait! Someone beat me to it. No Four Seasons, no Shooting Star, no ski resort. The place was eerily empty. Sagebrush city. Then click on the 2013 satellite imagery. Viola, the Village. Then click 1945 again, or 1955. Gone!

I can’t stop messing with turning the valley’s clock back. I wish I could do it for real.

Strike four, you’re out   DISS

Three-time loser Tom Robinson thinks he will get a better shake from any judge other than the one that sentenced him on his three prior drunk driving convictions. Robinson is facing his fourth DUI in 10 years, which would upgrade the charge to a felony and wants to take his chances with any magistrate other than Judge Tim Day, who warned the three-peat offender back on DUI No. 2 he would get the book thrown at him if Day ever saw him in his courtroom again. Judge Marvin Tyler of Pinedale will now preside.

Robinson, 29, allegedly rolled his pickup out in the Gros Ventre in June; gassed, again. Robinson assumes Day has it in for him because he never finished his court-ordered treatment program after his second DUI and Day let him have it when he showed up on yet another drunk driving charge.

The Grove to the rescue    PROPS

Teton County Housing Authority can’t build the Grove fast enough. The 68-unit affordable housing project has idled while the four-acre plot of land was swapped, traded, and sold a few times over. Now it looks like the Authority is ready to break ground next summer, adding 20 rental units to the market.

Build out at the Grove, located just west of the library, is expected to run through 2016 and cost a total of $23 million. When first proposed, the plan was for free-market vacation homes. Christine Walker’s agency has since revamped the project to cater to valley workers who are desperate for housing. Smart move.

Apartments are in dire need right now. It’s frightening to look at some of the well-known names in the community that have placed housing wanted ads. These aren’t 90-day wonders looking to get a jump on the ski season. These are longtime families, business owners and Jackson natives who are having their rentals sold out from under them as the real estate market recovers. Greedy landlords are rewriting leases and jacking rents, accordingly.

Walker said she expects a two-bedroom Grove apartment to rent for about $950 a month for qualified applicants. These units would allow singles to move out of multiple roommate residential home situations, freeing those up for families with kids to land somewhere.

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