Crazies come out, park rangers light up two

By on August 21, 2013

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Park rangers in Grand Teton National Park wrestled with two combative men last week in separate incidents. Tasers were used in both cases.

On Wednesday, August 14, a 23-year-old Kentucky man went ballistic while being questioned by a park ranger. Backup was called in and the man was subdued by three rangers and only after being juiced by an electroshock device.

Park spokesperson Jackie Skaggs said the man had earlier quit a mountain climbing class claiming he could climb the Grand on his own. He stormed off into Cascade Canyon and spent the night with no provisions. Rangers contacted the man’s father and learned the young man had a history of mental illness.

The man was located the next morning and followed at a distance for his own safety while he walked out of the canyon and boarded the Jenny Lake shuttle. A ranger approached him in the parking area when the man became abnormally confrontational and physically combative.

No one was injured in the restraining of the man. He was cited for camping without a permit and interference with agency functions. He was transported to St. John’s for medical and psychological evaluation and later released into his father’s care. He is reportedly back in Kentucky at this time.

Edwin Schmidt

Edwin Schmidt

Karate kid

On Thursday evening, August 15, park rangers were called to the Jackson Lake Lodge where park security officers were attempting to restrain Edwin Schmidt, 47, a seasonal employee of the lodge and a resident of Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Schmidt headed down the road and was spotted by park rangers. When officers attempted to question the man he assumed an “assault-type stance,” according to Skaggs, clenched his fists and lowered his head. After repeated requests were ignored, rangers sparked him and Schmidt assumed a lesser-threatening position on the ground.

During Schmidt’s arrest, he made several statements about setting multiple bombs that were scheduled to explode in the morning. Those threats were determined to be baseless. Schmidt was booked on a DUI and resisting arrest. He pled guilty on August 20 and is currently doing a three-week stint in the local lockup.

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