Go On, Take the Money and … (Caught!)

By on August 27, 2013
Donald Sample, aka Donald Sheriff (Courtesy Lincoln County SO)

Donald Sample, aka Donald Sheriff (Courtesy Lincoln County SO)

AFTON, WYO – A man walks into a bank in Afton. He demands money. That’s as far as he thought it through.

Wyoming Highway Patrol, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department and the Afton Police Department were alerted by First National Bank in Afton late Monday that a man driving a red Toyota pickup truck had just robbed a teller’s drawer.

A state trooper made visual contact with the suspect’s vehicle within minutes. It was southbound on Highway 89. He pursued at a safe distance until backup could arrive.

Troopers pulled the suspect over on the summit of Salt River Pass, approximately 15 miles south of Afton. Donald A. Sample, 56, of Pocatello, was taken into custody without incident. Officers recovered the money believed stolen from the bank and other evidence. Sample is known to also use the alias Donald Sheriff.

Total time from job to jail: 20 minutes.

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