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JH couldn’t be more Blunt

By now you’ve seen the new music video for James Blunt’s “Bonfire Heart.” No? Alright, hurry up and come back.

[youtube id=”g1j1qwQQ8-Q” width=”620″ height=”360″]

The video was shot on both sides of the Tetons over two days in August. Blunt Tweeted to his fans that the video was shot using no rehearsed scenes or professional actors. Everyone appearing in the video is a local resident.

The scenes shot in Idaho are especially heartwarming and real. The video culminates in a surprise appearance by Blunt at the Stagecoach Bar in Wilson. The surprise was on Blunt, however. When he arrived to shoot he found the bar was closed to the public for a wedding. In the end, the bride and groom were only too happy to share their special evening with the British singer who sang them a personalized version of his new single right out in the parking lot while they danced and the crowd sang along.

Check out some of the cool outtakes like this one:

[youtube id=”g789bf4TWj8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Erin Milligan (Yahoo!)

Erin Milligan (Yahoo!)

College bans cell phones

“No cell phones allowed: Some colleges ban modern-day gadgets,” read the Yahoo News headline. Wyoming’s Catholic College in Lander was the featured college in the piece by Ron Recinto that has made the decision to restrict cell phone use on campus.

“It’s a release, really, not having a cell phone,” junior Erin Milligan, 20, told Yahoo. “When you are no longer captivated by technology, you find your true and real self.”

Dean of Students Jonathan Tonkowich said in his four years of enforcing the policy, it has been broken only twice. Punishment is community service.

“We don’t see this as thumbing our nose at tech and modern culture,” Tonkowich said. “We’re allowing a freedom and a vacation from all that so that students can work on something different: true friendship, true virtue, true study.”

 90413themonus3Cleveland connection through ‘South Pass’

The Cleveland Daily Banner wrote up nine Lee University students and alumni who took part in the inaugural run of “South Pass,” the musical that played at Center for the Arts this past summer.

“Written by the Rev. Mike Atkins, the musical is a historical show about a trapper, Jedediah Smith, who explored in the Jackson Hole area and discovered “South Pass,” which opened the way for the Oregon Trail and the migration West,” the story read.

While rehearsing for the production, which ran through the month of July, students from Lee worked with director Earl Grove, fight coordinator Ted Sharron, and choreographer Larrisa Fasthorse. The university cast members included Travis Harrison, Rachel Cooke (alumna), Tyler Steele and Frost. In the back are Tyler Plemons, Rachel Greene, Nicholas Branson, Danielle Cogan (alumna), Maddie Taylor and Justin Colon (alumnus).

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