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By on September 10, 2013


Sign at dumpster in Kmart Plaza (JAKE NICHOLS)

Sign at dumpster in Kmart Plaza (JAKE NICHOLS)

Dumpster poaching: Are we that desperate? DISS

Hard times call for desperate measures. While more normal communities might have to deal with the dumpster-diving destitute looking for a day-old pastry or a discarded board game with a few pieces missing to give their kid for his or her birthday, in tony Jackson it’s the opposite problem. Too many trash tricksters have turned to dumpster poaching.

Look up the term on the Internet and you will find thousands of examples of people poaching dumpsters in communities across the nation. Only it’s not what you think. People here don’t swipe stuff from dumpsters in order to resell it at garage sales or on eBay, they are dumping all kinds of crap in the wrong containers or simply waiting for the cover of night to throw out their Hefty bag of refuse because they are too cheap to contract with a pickup service.

Some businesses have resorted to nastily-worded signage warning dumpster poachers that they monitor the site and violators will be found out. We’ve heard about more than one business that’s actually sifted through someone’s garbage to identify the perpetrator of a dump-and-run.

The recycling center has had to sift out plenty of rubbish from their cardboard bins in town and the Albertson’s recycling dumpsters were recently filled with a tower of discarded TVs (thanks for the tip, Bob) to the dismay of RRR troopers. A sign clearly states no electronics are allowed. Speaking of the recycling center, more than one batch of construction materials, including highly-coveted copper, has walked away from their salvage bins.

 Busting buses and belly dumpers DISS

Sure it was a well-meaning “sting,” but to shake down buses and trucks while they are traveling through Grand Teton National Park is just a pain in everyone’s arse.

Park officials, in a wicked alliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Wyoming Highway Patrol Commercial Carrier group, conducted numerous stop-and-frisks for several weeks this summer trying to find a charter coach with bad brakes.

Isn’t it enough we have thousands of oversized monstrosities lumbering over narrow, crummy roads in our parks every summer? Now we are going to further slow down traffic to pull them over for a leaky hydraulic fluid seal? Good grief, rangers, stand down.

I, myself, have been pulled over twice this season around midnight for suspicion of drunk driving. Both times the rangers said I was weaving and crossing the “fog line.” I told them I don’t even know what a fog line is. They said it was the white line on my right.

“Better than crossing the one on the left,” I told them. Of course I cross the fog line. I put two wheels in the shoulder every time I pass an oncoming vehicle. Doesn’t everyone do that?

Anyway, the rangers have had their fun deploying spike strips – twice – this season. I don’t know why they also feel the need to pull over commercial vehicles to check their tire wear. Well, yes I do know why. Federal funds were made available. The same federal funds, presumably, not available to keep Schwabacher’s open this summer.

How many times did I pass that closed gate to see a half-dozen cars parked all over the highway while frustrated tourists walked down to the river?

 Enzi won’t back war on Syria PROP

Mike Enzi is not ready to go to war with Syria, and for that our U.S. senator gets a big “Prop.” Enzi told the state paper he is prepared to vote against the Senate resolution to give the Syrian regime a good spanking with a few hundred tomahawk missiles.

Like his peers who also are planning to vote down a military strike in the embattled region, Enzi is displaying the wishes of the majority who, at last check, are supposed to be ruling this nation. Numerous polls show the American public is developing a growing distaste for Washington’s warmongering ways and do not wish to intervene in a religious war between two factions of Islam.

Let’s get out of Iraq or Iran before we start up with Syria, huh? Because dropping bombs on them will bring Iran, Russia and Israel into the fray and are we really prepared to trigger WW III by taking sides in an age-old war between Sunnis and Shiites?

Enzi’s got it right. So does Sen. John Barrasso, who announced via a press release that he would vote no. Senatorial hopeful Liz Cheney, by the way, is also on the record as being opposed to U.S. military intervention in Syria as the resolution reads.

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