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Klan and NAACP representatives meet. ALAN ROGERS, CASPER STAR-TRIBUNE

Klan and NAACP representatives meet. ALAN ROGERS, CASPER STAR-TRIBUNE

Saturday night in Casper: KKK vs. NAACP

The Star-Tribune practically dislocated their arm last week patting themselves on the back for outing the clandestine meeting between the KKK and the race they love to torment. The Casper paper did get the jump on the rest of the nation, though, as newspapers across the country picked up the story in the following days.

“The Star-Tribune exclusively broke the story of the meeting Monday, telling the tale of how leaders of the Casper branch of the NAACP arranged a meeting with John Abarr, an organizer in Great Falls, Mont., for the United Klans of America,” the state paper wrote last week.

Most viewed the private meeting as marking the first time the two groups had ever sat down to hash it out face to face. Some media outlets called the session historic. Others labelled it nothing more than a publicity stunt.


Cultivar Inc.’s RainCloud on Kickstarter.

Cultivar Inc.’s RainCloud on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter campaigns abound

Ryan Talermo contacted JH Weekly about his company’s ingenious product and related fundraising campaign at “Thanks for the Fab Lab article last week,” Talermo wrote us. “As a product of the local school system and now an entrepreneur involved in the Maker Movement, I support the education of both older and newer generations on such topics.”

Talermo is the founder and CEO of Cultivar, Inc., based in Jackson. Cultivar’s RainCloud is a household water management system and web app platform designed to be convenient, intelligent and networked. It’s a pretty cool concept. Fund it at:

And former Planet scribe Ben Cannon has launched his own Kickstarter campaign to help fund post-production costs for a documentary about art scene in Brooklyn, USA.

The House Party, experiential installation.

The House Party, experiential installation.

“This no-holds-barred look at the making of Brooklyn hip may just be the funniest documentary to ever come busting out of the art world,” reads the tagline.

Cannon is currently living in the Big Easy editing miles of video shot in Brooklyn last summer for a project entitled, “Big Bad Art.” A camera crew followed around as he prepared for the biggest art show of his career and the ensuing “House Party” is apparently a must see. Fund it at: Big Bad Art

 Touching LOTOJA tribute

Salt Lake’s KSL News reported a feel-good piece about the family of Rob Verhaaren and their efforts to keep his memory alive after his death in last year’s LOTOJA.

Verhaaren plunged over a bridge guardrail and into the Snake River last summer as he approached Jackson near the end of the 206-mile bike race. Friends and family from Verhaaren’s hometown of Mesa, Arizona took turns riding segments of the race in his honor with wife, Bridget, picking up at the bridge and finishing the race for Rob.

Verhaaren’s accident was the first fatality in LOTOJA’s 30-year history. Bridget told KSL that people from all around the world – including Norway, Denmark and Sweden – sent letters of support to her during her time of grieving. One woman from Georgia even sent the widow an anonymous donation to help cover funeral expenses.

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