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By on September 24, 2013

The reality of recession

The headline in the Huff Post read: “Sequestration Impact: Wyoming Courthouse May Have To Be Sold.” The courthouse referred to is the one at 180 S. King.

District Judge Nancy Freudenthal sent a letter to the state’s congressional delegation stating: “Wyoming has not escaped the impact of years of flat-funding combined with the sequester. The Jackson Courthouse is in negotiations for transfer to the county and, if that is not possible, the property will be sold by GSA [General Services Administration] and likely converted to other use.”

 92513themonusWalmart checkout

Christy Walton recently upped her net worth with Forbes’ latest rankings (1st richest woman, 6th richest in America, 11th in the world) even before the Wal-Mart heiress sells her Jackson Hole mansion.

Business Insider ran the world’s most extravagant advertisement-disguised-as-a-news-story ever on Walton and her decision to list her West Bank home for $12.5 million. Megan Willett lifted most of the info right from Jackson Hole Real Estate’s (David Viehman) online listing, including a dozen or so photographs.

But when we read the words, “Located off the beaten path in Teton Village in Western Wyoming,” well, we just had to know whether that was from Viehman or Willett because there isn’t much that isn’t beaten out at the Village when it comes to real estate. They’re building on top of each other. And 2.45 acres isn’t enough property for a chipping green.

It turns out Viehman never used the phrase off the beaten path. Nor does his agency call out Walton by name.

 Cheney out without a bang

Dick Cheney is never going to live down that hunting episode. It’s been more than seven years since the former VP shot his hunting buddy Harry Whittington and gave him a heart attack. You’d think they give the guy a break by now.

Not after Cheney’s latest hunting misfire.

The Hill reported that Cheney never even got a shot off during the One Shot Antelope Hunt he was entered in. Jonathan Easley had some fun with the headline: “Cheney’s gun malfunctions in charity antelope hunting contest, none hurt.”

“The Vice President is an excellent shot,” the captain of Cheney’s hunting team said. “He had a gun malfunction.”

Cheney blamed the problem on a manufacturer’s defect of some kind. The best dig came from one of the other team’s captains who said, “The good news is that his gun didn’t work and nobody got hurt.”

 Broad brush strokes

Just a week after Old Bill’s Fun Run, which was expected to raise some $8 million or so, the seventh annual Jackson Hole Art Auction generated $8.4 million in sales. The event was hosted by Trailside Galleries and Gerald Peters Gallery with more than 85 percent of the 284 featured lots selling.

According to ArtfixDaily, highlights of the sale included a collection from the estate of James Grisebaum and a rare Wilhelm Kuhnert of a Leopard which sold for $76,500.

“A palpable gasp from the audience could be heard as a 20 x 16 oil by G. Harvey of an Indian Tepee, estimated to sell between $10,000 and $15,000 hammered at $40,000 plus buyer’s commission for a total of selling price of $46,800,” ArtfixDaily wrote.

David Good-thumb-250xauto-424 Griz mauling victim an Indiana cop

The Lafayette, Indiana man who was supposedly mauled by a grizzly bear two weeks ago in Wolverine Creek, was featured in a story by his hometown radio station. WBIW aired a piece on David Goodrich, 50, who broke his leg running from the grizzly and later received puncture wounds in the abdomen from bear bites.

Goodrich, it turns out, is a former Monroe County deputy who is mildly famous back home for his heroic rescue of a woman who had driven her car into Monroe Lake in the middle of the night back in 2008. Goodrich swam some 60 feet into the frigid water and saved her. According to the story, Goodrich is now back home in Indiana resting comfortably.

Meanwhile, the News&Guide reported last week that the man’s wife questions whether he was really attacked at all, believing his injuries are from something else. Other details of the alleged attack didn’t add up, either, according to the story.

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