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100213themonus2Wildlife Film Festival results

RealScreen ran a story on the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival results. The 12th biennial event wrapped up last week with the Irish documentary On a River in Ireland taking top honors. In addition to the Grand Teton Award, On a River also picked up Best Wildlife Habitat Program and Best Editing distinction.

The documentary follows host Colin Stafford-Johnson for two years as he canoes the longest river in Ireland, the River Shannon.

Other winners noted by RealScreen included Africa: Kalahari, which picked up the award for Best Animal Behavior Program; National Geographic Television’s Battle for the Elephants, which won Best Conservation Program; BBC Science and Discovery’s Operation Iceberg: Birth of a ‘Berg, which won Best Science and Nature Program, and Kangaroo Dundee, which won Best People and Nature Program.

100213themonus3These boots were made for winning

The Bulletin (Bend, Oregon) finally got around to acknowledging Jade Ann Robinson of Jade Ann Designs (Redmond, OR) for her win at the 21st annual Western Design Conference, held Sept. 6 to 8 in Jackson.

The piece ran Sept. 27, declaring Robinson had snared the Best Artist–Art to Wear/Fashion award for a pair of her beaded boots. The award included a cash prize of $1,000.

 Getting mountain ready

Men’s Fitness ran a winter-prep story called, “3 Training Routines to Get You Mountain-Ready: Adopt the training strategies of elite mountain athletes.”

The piece featured tips from Mountain Athlete owner Rob Shaul. The Jackson trainer is currently working with several North Face athletes, according to the story.

“The workouts that follow are examples of what Shaul puts his competitors through to get them tough enough for a season in the mountains. Use them to get your body mountain-ready,” wrote MF.

Wyoming not fond of e-cig advertising

Wyoming is one of 40 states urging the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to regulate electronic cigarettes the same way it deals with tobacco.

Attorney General Peter Michael signed off on a letter sent to Washington last week. In the correspondence, AGs from nearly every state claim “e-cigarettes are being marketed to children through cartoon-like advertising characters and by offering fruit and candy flavors, much like cigarettes were once marketed to hook new smokers.”

“The reason we signed on is it’s consistent with Wyoming law on the sale of these to minors,” Michael told the Casper Star Tribune.

100213themonus1 It’s a violin, not a fiddle

As many orchestras around the country fall into bankruptcy, the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra continues to grow.

“In a nutshell, orchestras across the country are seeing a decrease in audience and decrease in funding, both federal and state dollars and individual donors,” Rachel Bailey, executive director of the symphony, told the Casper Star-Tribune. “They’re really struggling to keep their programs afloat.”

The orchestra’s music director and conductor, Matthew Savery, said he attributes Wyoming’s success to keeping it real.

“[Audience members] don’t need to wear tuxes or have classical degrees,” Savery said. “They just need to close their eyes and enjoy.”

Savery picks better-known selections, invites families with children to dress rehearsals, and prices performances a little cheaper than most in order to bond with the community and attract donations. But the orchestra is also not shirking on quality. World-class Russian pianist Alexander Ghindin will perform Oct. 5.

 Grandma grizzly bites Simpson

The Washington Post is one of numerous papers picking up on the story that former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson was told to “shut up” by Lynne Cheney.

Simpson told reporters that he refused to sign a football for Cheney’s 15-year-old granddaughter at a fundraiser in Laramie for fear it might be used for Liz’s campaign against Mike Enzi. That’s apparently when Lynne came uncorked, Simpson said.

“[T]hat obviously set off something,” Simpson said. “She just said, ‘Shut up.’ You can just read into it what you want to. I don’t know what she meant. She was very intense.”

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