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Assembly gathered in Jackson Hole High School auditorium Monday, Sept. 30 for Blue Ribbon Award presentation and ceremony. (Jake Nichols)

Assembly gathered in Jackson Hole High School auditorium Monday, Sept. 30 for Blue Ribbon Award presentation and ceremony. (Jake Nichols)

CLASSroom excellence rewarded at JHHS   PROPS

The entire high school student body gathered in the auditorium Monday morning for a special presentation of its 2013 National Blue Ribbon Award. Jackson Hole High School immediately joins an elite “classroom” of both private and public schools across the country to receive the honor.

Since 1982, the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program has been recognizing outstanding learning institutions under funding from the Department of Education. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan made the announcement late last week that JHHS was one of only 286 schools in the nation to receive this distinction.

Of two possible categories of note offered by NBRSP, Exemplary Improving and Exemplary Performing, JHHS received the latter by demonstrating growth in student academic achievement in both mathematics and language arts on state proficiency tests for multiple, consecutive years.

School officials say the distinction makes an impressive transcript addition to any college-bound student.

During a 45-minute ceremony Monday, incoming Director of Public Instruction Richard Crandall spoke briefly, saying he knew he was going to like his new job the moment he met high school principal Dr. Scott Crisp. The morning’s highlight was Crisp’s introduction of several students who, paired with teachers they particularly admired, were called up to the podium to deliver a personal testimony to that educator.

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100213props2 SOLD! Loziers shutter Box R DISS

Country songs are inherently sad, I suppose. Cowboys are always losing their girl, their job, their dog. The saddest of all has to be the Western classic written by Gary McMahan called “The Old Double Diamond.”

I couldn’t help thinking of that old number, or maybe a little “MC Horses” as well, when I heard the Loziers were shutting down the Box R. It probably won’t mean anything to Jackson’s high-falutin Cristal crowd, but it breaks my heart to watch 114 years of ranching business fall under the auctioneer’s gavel.

I remember when America’s weatherman, Al Roker, took a trip to the Box R to become a dude (Google that for a chuckle). I deejayed a wedding there a few years ago and a more authentic couple you will never find. Irv and Robin Lozier are the real deal.

“I just read the link below saying that the Box R will be closed for 2013. I’m so very sad to hear this. I hope that it is not a permanent thing. There are so many people that love your place; I being one of them! Irv and the ranch family are awesome people,” wrote one Facebook follower of the working dude ranch in Cora.

“The end of an era …”

“Life will never be the same …”

“Too sad …”

The comments keep pouring in as vacationers from afar learn of the demise of the Box R. Send my condolences, too. Another piece of Western history disappears into the sagebrush, or worse, gives way to another subdivision with a ranchy-sounding name.

 Government showdown/shutdown  DISS

For shame, Ted Cruz and the rest of your compatriots. Wrong place, wrong time. Holding the American public hostage while you continue to live in denial regarding Obamacare.  Attaching a defunding provision of the Affordable Care Act to a temporary budget extension measure is ludicrous. It’s akin to Republicans trying to repeal the abolition of slavery as a rider on an immigration bill.

Some Republicans are still referring to Obamacare as a bill they don’t like. Uh, I remember my School House Rock, and a bill is passed into law once Congress votes it through and the President signs it, all of which happened three years ago. It’s time to move on. Stubborn Republicans holding out hope that they will somehow make Obamacare go away by filibustering and whining about it all night long while the American people suffer are misguided.

The reality of GOP shenanigans were evident Tuesday morning when park visitors at both Grand Teton and Yellowstone were told they could not enter. Those already in the parks – camping, staying at hotels, eating in restaurants – were told they had 48 hours to get out. For people who have been planning vacations to our national parks this is a tough pill to swallow. For those gateway communities desperately trying to climb out of a recession, who depend on the auxiliary spending the parks attract, like Jackson, Cody, and West Yellowstone, this is devastating.

And don’t hold your breath waiting for Wyoming Republicans to blame the great evil Barack. We’re looking right at you, elephants.

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