PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Shut down big government

By on October 8, 2013

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – I can’t vouch for the political or practical efficacy of the Republican legislative strategy of the last few weeks that has resulted in a partial government shutdown, but I sympathize with the motivation. If Republicans in the House believe that Obamacare is going to do irreparable damage to our economy, then they are right to take drastic action. Going along to get along won’t cut it as we face this watershed moment in our history: a massive government invasion of the healthcare system.

I’m all for a shut down if only because federal government spending and debt is totally out of control. The last couple of weeks have been quite instructive. It’s frightening the extent to which the treasury has become the personal piggybank for ever expanding millions of federal workers and millions more on the dole, and the leverage they have to inflict pain on the tax-paying public if we dare cut off the money spigot.

The blockading of our national parks and monuments is proof that the insidious problem with big government is that the public interest becomes subordinated to the survival and growth of the bureaucracy. We may have thought the National Park Service was benignly caretaking these public spaces for our benefit, but it’s clear now that they have claimed ownership over these lands and are willing to lock us out unless we appease their demands for money.

Locally, it started with the ridiculous sequester-inspired closure of Schwabacher’s Landing, and now they’ve locked us out of the whole national park system. What’s next? Will we be instructed not to leave our homes until we have turned over our bank accounts to the proper authorities? The EPA is charged with stewarding the quality of our air; perhaps we should plan to refrain from breathing until the ample salaries and pensions are restored to that agency as well?

The trend is ominous. Once the federal bureaucracy is expanded even further by the full implementation of Obamacare we will only be more vulnerable to this kind of extortion by the big government mafia.

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