SINGLETRACK: A frosty plan of attack

By on October 15, 2013

JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Brrr! Suddenly, the cold weather has crept into the fall cycling season. I’ve begun asking, “Do I keep my mountain bike out or put it away?”

The trails down low are more consistently muddy and snow covered. The mornings and evenings are chilly and the days are much shorter. To compensate, I layer up and make sure my hands and feet are toasty. I ride in the early morning when the singletrack is still frozen because later in the day it’s too wet. For me, riding in the dawn like this requires a cycling partner, a powerful bike light and an awareness of animals and hunters.

Speaking of hunters, I recently learned that some use fat bikes to access terrain that is off limits to motorized travel. That’s pretty cool. Fat bikes, or bikes with oversized tires that provide outstanding traction in a variety of terrain, are also used for mountain biking, bike packing, sand dune and beach cruising, and, of course, snow travel. These bikes continually become fatter and lighter and are extremely versatile. They’re great on frozen or snow-covered singletrack or on a groomed Nordic trail.

Maybe it’s time to put the mountain bike away and jump on a fat bike? That way, I can still get my cycling fix and just roll on into winter!

Next Up: The cyclocross season is still going strong! Check out King Cross, October 27, Spooky Cross, November 2, and Village Cross, November 3.  

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