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101613themonus2Sledheads prefer Togwotee

Readers of American Snowmobiler Magazine know the score: Togwotee rocks! Bubblehead subscribers of the snow-tell glossy voted the Togwotee area as the No. 1 place they want to get their sleds stuck. And why not? You can snowmachine practically nine months a year up there.

More than 4,000 readers took part in the annual poll, with 54 percent of the votes going to Togwotee. Survey results and more details can be found in the October issue.

“We at Togwotee, as well as the experienced riders who return year after year, have long believed that Togwotee offers the premier snowmobiling experience in North America, not only by virtue of our location, but because of the full Togwotee experience, which is enhanced by our all-inclusive on-location guest services, expert guides and new fleet of the latest technology in mountain snowmobiles,” said Derek Thompson, director of snowmobile operations for Togwotee Mountain Lodge.

Beaver Creek owners John and Connie Bickner

Beaver Creek owners John and Connie Bickner

 Town Square retailer spotlighted by AMEX

Thanks to the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, Beaver Creek Hat and Leather Company was featured in an American Express national marketing campaign.

A short video produced by AMEX and shot by Sean Cunningham (Hero Status Films) is available on Vimeo with the right password (it’s “Jackson,” by the way). It features Beaver Creek owners John and Connie Bickner explaining their shop’s history and offerings.

The arrangement came about because of the Chamber’s Small Business Saturday, an event designed to highlight local retailers on the Saturday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday during the traditional holiday shopping blitz following Thanksgiving. Some 200 attendees last year received $25 American Express gift cards and Beaver Creek caught the attention of AMEX bigwigs who arranged to have the local hattery filmed.


Pinnacle Buttes before slide

Pinnacle Buttes before slide


Pinnacle Buttes after slide

Pinnacle Buttes after slide

Pinnacles slide, photos forever altered, the news Web site for Riverton/Lander, captured an amazing shot of the Pinnacle Buttes landslide that happened last week.

Witnesses pinpoint the even to around 11:30 a.m. on Oct. 8. Brooks Lake Lodge maintenance manager Brian Miller told County10 it sounded like a high-powered rifle shot. “It felt like a huge earthquake,” he said.

“There was dust everywhere; you could actually see and smell it from the Lodge,” said lodge manager Adam Long .

The Pinnacles are one of the most photographed features in the western Wyoming region. A shot of the iconic cliffs often appears in state tourism marketing materials.

Attempts to notify officials at the State of Wyoming’s Geological Survey’s Hazards Program were unsuccessful due to the partial government shutdown. County10 contacted central Wyoming College Geology professor Suki Smaglik. He said the Pinnacles are composed of loosely consolidated volcanic rock known as volcanic breccias laid down some 50 million years ago during the Eocene Era. He surmised the recent wet weather caused the slide, which he said was not unusual but was admittedly rather large in scale.

 Nice shot, Annie Oakley

Women and weapons came together so perfectly at the Ucross Ranch for the first-ever Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt held from Oct. 3 to Oct. 6. The event is modeled after Lander’s 70-year-old One Shot Antelope Hunt.

Thirty-four hunters participated in the women’s only hunt with 32 bagging their pronghorn. Locals Gloria Courser, Marilyn Kite, Traci Mears, and Shelley Simonton each received the Annie Oakley award for taking their animal with one shot.

The event promotes women’s hunting and supports the Wyoming Women’s Foundation’s mission of economic self-sufficiency for women across the state.

 Might as well jump

We got a serious case of vertigo watching Marshall Miller, Cade Palmer, Lauren Crepeau, Scott Rogers and Brian Mosbaugh step off bridges and balloons in Twin Falls and Jackson Hole, respectively.

We caught the vid, set to OVERWORK’s “Daybreak,” on Huffington Post. It was made by Devin Graham for Ford’s #OneTankAdventure campaign series, hence the numerous close-ups of the Escape Titaniums.

We were more interested in the adventure athletes tossing themselves off Perrine Bridge (486 feet above the Snake River) in Twin Falls and then double backflipping out of hot air balloons in Jackson Hole. Crazy stuff.

On a side note, we thought we recognized Crepeau from another adventure video called “SNATCH FORCE 1: Hot Girls, Bikinis, and Base.” Yeah, that was the chick we fell in love with as part of the five-member Moab Monkey team.

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