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Right-wing arrogance

Now engaged in frantic damage control efforts, Senator John Embarrassment (R), Senator Mike Frenzy (R) and Representative Cynthia Flummoxed (R) are attempting to convince us they had no part in creating the fiscal and social chaos this country is now experiencing. They are essentially saying: Hey, we didn’t close those national parks! The Park Service did it! In truth, this crew of Wyoming “representatives” acted in joyous lock step with the rest of the congressional right-wing nuts whose arrogance and pigheadedness has resulted in a paralyzed government. It’s time to swipe the slate clean of these bought-and-paid-for political lackeys (including, standing in the wings, congressional hopeful Liz Zaney).

 – John Fandek, Cora


Park staff professional, cordial

I am dismayed by the recent criticism of the officials of Grand Teton National Park. In over ten years as Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church, which includes the Chapel of the Transfiguration in Moose, I have never had any dealings with park personnel, from Superintendent Scott to the summer staff and everyone in between, that has been anything but professional, cordial and amicable. The Chapel, which dates from 1925, is a freehold and property of St. John’s. Nevertheless, the Park has always strived to be good neighbors, as we have likewise attempted to be the same. Currently, the Chapel is closed for the season and we are engaging in our annual ritual of winterizing it. When I, my bishop, members of our staff or those employed by us to protect the facility have been stopped by park personnel during the federal shutdown, not of their making, we have all been treated most appropriately and with good humor. As pastor I am concerned for the welfare of all park employees, including the many a part of our parish family. Please never count us among the chorus of critics of Grand Teton National Park and its staff during this difficult period for this treasure, the Jackson community, and our nation.

– (The Reverend) J. Kenneth Asel, D.Min. Rector, St. John’s Episcopal Church


People’s parks, people’s government

In reading a recent article pertaining to this intelligent government shutdown and its effects upon our national parks, I was absolutely appalled at the treatment of some visitors vacationing in the Old Faithful area of Yellowstone. These people were actually quarantined to their hotel by armed rangers who would not permit them to walk outside or take photos. These visitors referred to such treatment as “Gestapo tactics.” I believe that such ridiculous actions are a soiled stain on America and what she is believed to represent.

These are the people’s parks and the people’s government and it is time that the people stand unitedly strong and return them both to the people’s control. American taxpayers entirely fund the salaries of not only those Nazi wannabe park rangers but also the irresponsible, immature and self-serving government officials in Washington D.C. who are the sole cause of this foolish fiasco.

The American people, perhaps through an apathetic complacency, forgotten the power of which they do possess. America is supposedly a government by the people and not by authoritarians. Perhaps it is the time for her people to once again rise up and throw off the chains of tyranny before its grip becomes too strong to break.

– Patrik Troiani

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