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By on October 22, 2013


Bison topples barricade. (Wyoshooter308)

Bison topples barricade.

‘When Animals Attack’ PROP

Jackson Hole could have hosted its own “When Animals Attack” episode last week after two separate incidents were eye-witnessed or caught on videotape.

The video of a bison in Kelly trashing a government trail closure sign was classic. We found it all the way over at a Wisconsin radio station WTMJ AM 620. Titled “Wyoming Bison vs. Government Shutdown,” the 43-second video features two bufflers scoping out a half-busted sign until one finally topples it completely when he scratches his neck on the barrier.

The vid was posted to YouTube by a user named WyoShooter308. He wrote: “This barricade was sitting on a turnout next to the Gros Ventre Road about a mile north of Kelly. Guess the bison don’t like the government shutdown either.

“Somehow I feel humans will be blamed for this vandalism, so I’m sending a link to the proper authorities.”

On Teton Village Road, Peter Moyer the lawyer tells us that a bull moose took exception to one of the moose silhouette cutouts near Calico Restaurant. The real moose won the battle. The cardboard moose is now missing a head.


Who’s the real bitch? DISS

This time of year there is always one yahoo who feels the need to park their rig filled with an elk carcass in downtown Jackson so everyone can see how small he thinks his penis is. Bill Addeo did ’em all one better when he strapped a dead female wolf on his Ford Excursion to let it bleed out in front of horrified tourists and irritated lobo lovers on the Town Square.

Addeo wasn’t apparently satisfied enough with the public display of destruction, so to get more bang for his bitch, his bro-bra Sammy Coutts called the News&Guide to make sure they got a photographer on scene to capture his cowardice for more to witness the next morning.

Just on your way to Game & Fish? Stopped to let the old lady shop?


Real men kill with reverence. A real man doesn’t gloat unless he’s scoring in B&C. How ’bout the next time you get a hard-on for canine carnage, you just go kick your dog and call it good, huh Addeo?


Dumpster diving for good. (

Dumpster diving for good.

One woman’s war on waste PROP

Ali Dunford was featured last week on Idaho’s Local News 8 (KIDK-TV) for her food rescue operation called Hole Food Rescue.

In the spot, we learn Dunford arrived to Jackson not long ago from Boulder, Colo., after graduating college. She was looking forward to being a ski bum for a while but soon found she could not overlook the wasted food she was seeing in dumpsters outside of bakeries and grocery stores.

Dunford began dumpster diving to salvage what she thought was perfectly edible food – produce and bread nearing its expiration date or slightly damaged. She began making deliveries to the Jackson Cupboard and Senior Center of Jackson Hole among others. Food that was not safe for consumption she dropped off at the Farmers Market all summer for compost.

Dunford has now turned her passion into Jackson’s newest nonprofit. As many as 20 volunteers help her make regular rounds to grocery stores where she carts away as much as 400 pounds of food per stop.

A Wednesday trip to Whole Grocers was captured on video by the news station, complete with an interview with checker Jake Woerner. Becky Zaist, director of the Senior Center, also got facetime as well as former director Connie Owen.

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