HIGH ART: The light in the night

By on October 29, 2013
by Thomas Macker

by Thomas Macker

Dramatic light, after dark. It’s everywhere: In the twilight, the stars, the streetlights and the voids in between. Perfect light, sometimes, is any light at all, when you know how to capture it.

For the third year running, Thomas Macker, professional photographer and head of the Art Association of Jackson Hole Photography Department, is offering local photo enthusiasts the opportunity to learn to capture their own art after dark, using the techniques he has honed as a professional photographer, instructor and photo curator.

The two-night course, entitled “Night Photography: In The Field,” begins November 9 at 6 p.m. The class will meet at the Art Association Photo Lab on the third floor at the Center for the Arts before heading outdoors.

“I was drawn to [night photography] while living in Los Angeles, with the diffusive light conditions of the marine layers, the dramatic effects of street lighting, and the challenge of learning the most extreme ways of using the camera manually,” says Macker.

Following the first class, students will be given assignments to shoot night images of still life, landscape and portraits before meeting again for the second class. The meeting time and place for the second class will depend on class member schedules and the weather outlook.

Photographers will learn to push the limits of their equipment using long exposures, strobe lighting, light painting, and adjusting and compensating for all forms of light at night, as well as rain, snow and other environmental factors. Subjects will be determined in part by the group, but will range from street scenes, portraits, nature and landscapes, to night sky photography and other night subjects. Students will learn to use a variety of special techniques to capture the unique types and colors of light after sunset, as well as strategies for creating narratives in the moody light after dark.
Students should bring a camera, tripod, flashlight and a strobe light if they have one.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Macker holds a masters of fine arts from California Institute of the Arts. He curates the Art Association’s photo galleries and teaches photography at Central Wyoming College. He has exhibited his work locally and in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami and New York.

Class cost is $75/Art Association members, $100/non-members. artassociation.org.

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