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By on October 29, 2013

Postcard request from Illinois kids

The Fourth Grade at Aviston Elementary, located in southern Illionis, is learning about the United States and the different environments, climates, resources, and highlights found in each region. The kids in the class think it would be fun to receive postcards, souvenirs, resources, or any information about our great country from each of the 50 states.

We hope that people who read this letter will be interested in mailing our class items pertaining to their state.

 Our address :
4th Grade at Aviston Elementary
350 South Hull Street
Aviston, Illinois 62216

A sincere “Thank You” to anyone who is able to contribute! We appreciate the excitement you will add to our learning experience.

—  Mrs. Niemeyer, Aviston, Ill.


American Peeping Toms

The following letter was edited for length:

In this modern age of a technologically donated world, it is apparently frightful that the United States has been blatantly abusing their capabilities of electronic espionage beyond accepted ethics. Frothing at the mouth with anticipation for more dirt, they are not only spying upon their alleged enemies but also upon their foreign allies, including their political leaders along with private citizens. Worst of all they are intrusively prying into the private lives and business of everyday American citizens. That includes both you and I.

Great Britain, one of Americas’ oldest and most loyal of allies, is quite upset with this fact and are beginning to question their trust in the United States, as are other U.S. alliances and associates.

The American N.S.A. is simply abusing their powers of surveillance either for their own egotistical amusement, because they can, or from extreme paranoia; ala the McCarthy era. Or perhaps it is a little of both.

J. Edgar Hoover, the appointed lifetime head of the F.B.I. until his death in 1972, had an obsessive fetish with surveillance and keeping a file on nearly everyone. He was a despot of the law whom even presiding presidents feared and dared not to challenge. I am of the opinion that the present day N.S.A. are trained and drilled to practice his cold and underhanded tactics.

 —  Patrik Troiani,  Jacksonian

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