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JACKSON HOLE, WYO – It’s Monday evening and I just squeezed in what could very well be my last dry singletrack ride of the season. I’m bummed because I have a nearly new mountain bike and ski conditions remain firmly on the “iffy” side. I want to know: Where I can keep riding dirt around here? Some of my friends have headed to the desert to avoid the chill and the snow. Unfortunately, that’s not an option for me right now. So, I decided to ask Jay Petervary, the gravel road guru, what I should do. He replied, “If you really tune into the weather, there is plenty of good riding left before you have to pull out the fat bike.” From Jackson, Jay likes to cruise up into the Red Hills of the Gros Ventres via the Slide Lake Road. Or, he heads to Granite Hot Springs for a cycle and a soak, as long as the road hasn’t turned to mud. From Teton Valley, Jay pedals right out of Victor or Driggs and weaves his way into Darby Canyon or up into South and North Leigh Creeks until the snow line shuts him out. “Part of the beauty of gravel riding for me is knitting a unique pattern of roads together and finding myself in the middle of nowhere,” he told me. One of Jay’s other off-season favorites, the Jack Pine Loop, begins in Felt and heads east on a well-maintained, two track Forest Service road, and up on top of a ridge that provides a great view over the vast wilderness between here and GTNP. His comment that, “Not many people go back there,” tells me that I better check the weather first, bring along a riding partner, and have some bear spray handy. Thanks for the advice, Jay!

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