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Paging Dr. Jedi

A new app scheduled for release and download in early 2014 claims it will help med students tackle their board exams in a fun way.

Scrub Wars is set for rollout in January 2014. It showed up on our radar because the company behind it, Precision Enterprises, LLC, is based in Jackson. The company’s CEO is an Orange County healthcare consultant named Vincent Stevenson, who also runs a URL called Scrub Speak – a website devoted to instructing doctors on how best to lawyer up.

Scrub Wars promises to get med students sharp enough to ace their USMLE and COMLEX exams by charging them a penny per question and engaging them in some bizarre RPG that mixes the compulsive allure of Atari’s “Asteroid” with the “Classic Mystery Date” Milton Bradley board game dilemma of hunk or junk.

“Think of it like ‘test prep steroids,’” Vincent says in the press release.

More like Viagra. Precision Enterprises last year patented a website business venture called “Endless Orgasms,” a soft porn plan to explore “human sexuality and other adult-themed materials.” The trademark has been abandoned and the website never materialized.

Still, a sex-tinged theme persists. The antagonist in Scrub Wars is called “Peyronie Attending.” Look it up.

Watch the dreadful release ad on YouTube.

(This post was updated on 12/21/13.)

Music for the eyes

While you’re on YouTube, check out yet another music video shot in the Jackson Hole area. A band called Dirty Projectors made the vid over five days, shooting in Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks and in Jackson.

The song is “Impregnable Question” and it pretty much sucks but the cinematography nearly saves it. One gorgeous shot of the Tetons follows another until the long-distance jogger in the story takes a sudden cigarette break (WTF?) while enjoying iced-down Gatorade delivered by a dreamy gal in a USC cheerleader’s uniform (WTF?).

After all the beautiful scenery, the couple in the video finally meet and rush to each other’s arms in the romantic setting of Albertsons’ parking lot.

We found the YouTube video at Paste. Just be sure to turn the sound down.

 Canucks say phones make poor ‘peeps’

The Canadian Avalanche Centre is warning people in the Great White North not to depend on their smart phone avalanche search apps as reliable transponders.

Many backcountry skiers and riders are opting for a cheaper way to be safe by installing apps on their Smartphone that are advertised as economical alternatives to avalanche transceivers.

The CAC says the apps do not conform to the international standard of 457 kHz. That frequency was specifically chosen for its ability to penetrate dense snow. Cell phones are also not built as robustly as most peeps and battery life in cold conditions is usually shortened.

 TOUGatesWindows 9: Nuclear powered?

Bill Gates stopped by the Idaho National Laboratory last week to tour the Materials and Fuels Complex at INL. Gates is chair of the nuclear reactor startup company TerraPower, LLC. He has engaged INL to help him with certain design aspects of his “traveling wave reactor” – whatever that is.

Gates said the scientists and engineers at INL were doing some “incredibly important” work in Idaho.

“Getting to visit INL was really enlightening,” Gates said while addressing plant workers there. “It was amazing to see reactor fuel analysis and how it can be conducted safely in a hot cell environment.”

Uh, yeah right, exactly what we were going to say.

 Blann blames global warming

JHMR CEO Jerry Blann scored the big pull quote in the latest issue of Outside magazine.

“Jackson Hole was always known as being too far [away], too cold and too steep. Some of that is being mitigated, but not in the proper way,” Blann said in a featured quote attributed to a “Jeremy” Blann. “We have some routes on the mountain that are only manufactured snow.”

Blann attended a recent event called Mountain Meltdown. It was part of the Climate One program, which focuses on energy, the environment and the economy. The particular panel was about global warming. Reps from Aspen/Snowmass and Whistler Blackcomb also were there.

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