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JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Reply to “Unaborted Thoughts,” from Loren Nelson, M.D.

If Loren Nelson, MD understood biology, he would know that early age at pregnancy is associated with cervical cancer because it indicates early age when starting sexual activity. This exposes the young woman to the HPV virus which causes cervical cancer when she has not developed her G cervical mucous which offers her some protection from the virus. So no, abortion would not reduce her risk. Similarly, if he understood the biology of breast maturation, he would understand why abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. For that information, he can go to www.bcpinstitute.org or www.abortionbreastcancer.com.

Medical texts and medical authorities agree that childlessness, small family size and delayed first full term pregnancy until after age 20 are accepted risk factors for breast cancer. Every one year delay of a full term pregnancy after age 20 results in a 5% increased risk for pre-menopausal breast cancer and a 3% increased risk for postmenopausal breast cancer. [1] Only a first full term pregnancy matures 85% of a woman’s cancer-susceptible breast lobules into permanently cancer-resistant lobules. [2] Breast cells are not cancer-resistant until they lactate. [3] For these reasons, the woman who chooses an induced abortion has a greater breast cancer risk than does the one who has a full term pregnancy.

Scientists only debate whether induced abortion further raises risk by leaving the breasts with more places for cancers to start (known as the “independent link”). National Cancer Institute branch chief Dr. Louise Brinton co-authored a 2009 study led by Jessica Dolle in which they concluded that induced abortion and the birth control pill were risk factors for breast cancer. They reported a statistically significant 40% increased risk for women with abortion histories. [3] A fact sheet at the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute’s website shows that the overwhelming majority of epidemiological studies support an independent link. pinstitute.org/epidemiology_studies_bcpi.htm.

Angela Lanfranchi, MD, FACS, Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and President, Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, Karen Malec, president, Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer

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The forgotten holiday
Now that the ghouls and goblins of Halloween have at last dissipated and the commercial profits played upon the peoples fantasies of folly are being tallied up, let us now focus on the real cash cow of Christmas.

Even prior to Halloween the promotional blitzkrieg to shop for Christmas had begun. Such overwhelming intensity for the purchase of merchandise in the spurious sense of giving seems to occur earlier every year simply for increased profit in sales; losing sight of the benign meaning of Christmas. After exposure to a three-month gauntlet of bombardment of commercial hype, Christmas Day itself seems to be a bit anti-climatic. Somewhere between these two aforesaid days of financial decadence lies the forgotten day of Thanksgiving. A day when family and friends gather to simply celebrate the joy of life and each other over a feast. This in-between holiday is a bit less profitable for the merchants of mania, other than the turkey farmers and the gluttonous airline industry. Yet, it is the following day that these very merchants drool and give their own thanks for the endless lines of Christmas shopping zombies trampling one another to be the first inside for their “Black Friday” deals.

Perhaps on this Thanksgiving Day, with Halloween in the rear view and Christmas down the road, we may pay more attention to the humility of the day and be grateful for being who we are, being with those that we love, enchain our hands around the dinner table and for a mere moment give one’s own thanks to whatever or whomever one chooses and simply and truly enjoy the day.

– Patrik Troiani

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