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JACKSON HOLE, WYO – More municipal money

Once again the Town of Jackson, Wyoming has devised another method to rake in more money for its coffers. Within days of each other, city officials have proposed and passed ordinances to ticket and fine those for driving with a cell phone in hand and, the kicker, “inattentive driving”.

I must concur that there are many whom annoyingly and rudely drive their cars with their hand held security device interfering with their courtesy for others. For that matter, their rudeness and disregard, even out of an automobile, is at times quite offensive. Yet there are those whom are more responsible and cognizant whom may suffer from the inconvenience of such a penalty.

Then there is this violation for “inattentive driving”. It has been stated that instead of writing two or three citations an officer can merely write one to cover everything he feels was in violation thereof. How vague is this? Not to mention a bit of laziness involved.

I do wonder what will occur when the summer season approaches and over two-million visiting tourists are exposed to such pettiness. I can assure you that when some excited family from Iowa for example arrives after a long and grueling trip, gawking at the spectacular scenic beauty and is cited with a ticket of inattentive driving for doing so, happiness will not prevail among them and the thought of a return visit in the future may be seriously reconsidered.

Let us look honesty in the face and admit these two new laws have no concern for safety but rather will be enforced by the sometimes over zealous Jackson law officers simply to make more municipal money. I believe that these laws may evolve into a very unpopular idea among town residents and visitors alike.

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