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By on December 23, 2013
Jackson Hole's Matt Annetts

Imagine If You Could Get Barreled Like This

Imagine If You Could Get Barreled Like This

Jackson Hole's Matt Annetts

Jackson Hole’s Matt Annetts

On extreme edge
JACKSON HOLE, WYO – French filmmaker Thierry Donard’s Imagine: Life Spent on the Edge will make its U.S. premiere this Friday night at Center for the Arts.

Jackson Hole’s Matt Annetts is among the 30-plus extreme athletes from around the world featured in the documentary. If the trailer is an accurate indication, expect a thrill-ride on the knife’s edge with surfers and kayakers to speedriders and wingsuit fliers.

Andrew Munz, the box office manager at the Center, said the film is much more than the average ski flick. “It is a story about the passionate lifestyle of extreme athletes,” he said. “We are thrilled to be co-presenting the U.S. premiere of this gravity-defying film.”
Annetts, 33, grew up in Stowe, VT, but now makes Jackson Hole his training base for the Freeride World Tour.

NYT travels to JH… we think
The New York Times travel section featured a marathon story about the valley titled, “36 Hours in Jackson Hole, Wyo.” We learned a few things but were left wondering whether the writer, Finn-Olaf Jones, just made them up or whether we are that out of the loop.

Jackson couture was described by Jones as “cowpine.” While we like the turn of the phrase, we can’t say we’ve ever encountered it here.

Jones rightly tabbed the view from atop the East Gros Ventre Butte at Spring Creek Ranch as “what must be one of the best views on the continent,” but followed that up with the incomprehensible claim that locals are fond of the phrase: “If it’s new, it’s blue,” referring to the plethora of new ski trails opened up by the Casper quad. Really, we say that?

The article also included Jackson Hole’s newest attraction: Kelly Warm Springs. We question the level of popularity Jones attributes to the piss-warm pond due mostly to the scene in Django Unchained. But the notion that the pond is home to a variety of tropical fish because valley residents choose to dump their aquariums there, according to local legend, sounds a bit farfetched.

Coyote Killer Jamie Olson Letting His Dogs Do Dirty Work

Coyote Killer Jamie Olson Letting His Dogs Do Dirty Work

Coyote killer gets protection
The Casper Star Tribune reported that the federal investigation into the trapper that posted photos of his dogs attacking live coyotes will remain closed. Jamie Olson continues to be employed by the secretive agency called Wildlife Services, a branch of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Planet Health Inspection Service (APHIS) despite being investigated for more than a year for alleged cruelty to the animals he was hired to trap and kill.

An online petition garnering 75,000 signatures punctuated public outcry over the incident that included several watchdog organizations and publications calling for Olson’s dismissal.

APHIS spokesperson Carol Bannerman told the Tribune’s Leah Todd that her agency was invoking unspecified provisions in the Civil Service Reform Act as the reason she would not give out any information on the continuing investigation.

Rod McQueary and Sue Wallis

Rod McQueary and Sue Wallis

Pot boiling over in Wyoming
News that Wyoming has a pro-pot movement bubbling is making nationwide headlines. NORML, the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws, is working on a voter initiative that would legalize marijuana in Wyoming, similar to what the “grass” roots organization did in Colorado to help pave the way for decriminalized dope.

Jackson’s Christine Christian has ben leading the NORML charge locally. She recently got help in the form of Rep. Sue Wallis, R-Recluse, who announced last week she would introduce a bill in Cheyenne that would OK weed for medicinal purposes. Wallis said her husband, Rod McQueary, who died last year, greatly benefitted from the use of a medical marijuana prescription obtained in Colorado to ease his pain.

Wallis said it was effective and better than painkillers.

Wallis is best known for her stance on legalizing horse slaughter. A decade-long effort that has earned her the nickname “Slaughterhouse Sue.”

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