It’s official: Cheney withdraws, Enzi reaction

By on January 5, 2014

CheneyJACKSON HOLE, WYO –Liz Cheney has announced via Twitter she is dropping out of the race for the US Senate.

Cheney’s rocky campaign began last summer when she announced via YouTube she would challenge longtime Republican Mike Enzi in the Senate primary. Since then, the neoconservative has been accused of being a carpetbagger, ran afoul of her openly gay sister, and ruffled feathers in the state GOP camp.

Enzi held a wide lead over Cheney in early polling. Cheney cited health issues in her family but was not more specific than that. The entire Tweet read: “Serious health issues have recently arisen in our family and … I have decided to discontinue my campaign.”

Sen. Enzi issued a prepared statement Monday afternoon upon learning of Cheney’s decision to bow out of the race.

“While it is not always easy, Diana and I have always believed in putting family first. We have tremendous respect for Liz’s decision. She and her entire family are in our thoughts and prayers,” Enzi said.

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