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By on January 14, 2014

Ban cars on Moose-Wilson Road PROPS
The hottest topic in the county right now is the 7.7-mile stretch of road connecting Teton Village with Moose and only one outcome makes any sense: A complete ban on motor vehicles.

The public scoping period for the Moose-Wilson corridor has been underway since December 6, extending through February 6. An open house at St. John’s Medical Center was scheduled for Tuesday as this paper went to press.

It’s just plain naive to believe any plan to retain the road’s current bucolic feel will be successful. There’s no such thing as a quiet country road by design. Quiet country roads only exist in places where no one goes. Once discovered and trafficked, quiet country roads get paved, become two-laners, and grow into boulevards and highways. The heavier a byway is traveled, the more pressure there is to make it more efficient. Pullouts are added, parking lots are expanded, turning lanes and passing lanes become a necessity until that quiet country lane is “improved” to death.

The itch to make the Moose-Wilson Road a convenient shortcut to the airport and destinations north for Villagers is too great. Junie Fuchs, Teton Village Resort District chairman, penned a letter to the newspaper promising that any accusations his peeps use the park road to avoid a congested 390 to a congested 22 to a snarled city traffic jam are misguided. It’s hard to believe Villagers are not willing to risk a bear jam or two to make their flight.

The NPS doesn’t have a reliable source of funding to maintain this stretch of road. They are talking about a relocation of it now to move portions out of critical wildlife habitat. Look, the entire road runs through prime critter country. That’s why rubbernecking tourists drive it, hoping to spot a bear or a moose without the inconvenience of breaking a sweat.

It is time to eliminate this Disneyland drive chock full of Kodak moments versus impatient pricks looking to make the 4:40 back to California. Ban cars. Turn the whole stretch over to Pathways. Give wildlife a break and avoid the temptation to turn this juicy sliver of road into a major artery.

Nobama care not DISS
It was a nice power play, an admirably bristled show of opposition to a liberal White House, but it’s time to back down, Mr. Mead.
There may have been a time when it was fashionable to buck Obamacare. But continued resistance clothed in political posturing looks terribly ugly next to the reality of Wyoming families suffering with high (unsubsidized) premiums and health problems.

Two bills that would extend Medicaid coverage to some 17,600 low-income adults in Wyoming using federally pledged dollars have so far advanced through the Joint Labor, Health and Social Services Interim Committee for discussion during the budget session next month.

Non-budget items like these bills will require a two-thirds majority and with most Republicans still hell-bent on cockstrutting the anti-socialized medicine walk, expect this bill to fizzle faster than the life savings of a cancer patient.

And the governor’s response? He’s urging lawmakers to reject expansion in any form. The federal government can’t be trusted, he says, while cashing some $6.211 billion in federal handouts in 2010, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.



Local radio? Not really DISS
When Rich Mecham swooped into Jackson a year and a half ago and bought up four local radio stations, he said all the right things.

While telling a local paper there would be very little noticeable change and a continued commitment to “local” programming, he was busy firing half of the stations’ jocks.

He fired popular local weatherman, Jim Woodmencey, replacing him with a national weather forecaster. He fired popular sportscaster Danny Meyer, depriving Jackson of keeping up with their high school sports teams. He cut ties with the University of Wyoming and their broadcasts of college football and basketball, opting to keep a baseball team that plays their home games 2,360 miles from Jackson Hole.

The latest “commitment” to local programming from a company that loves to brand itself incessantly as “Rich Broadcasting” is to shitcan the KZ95 morning show for a tired and corny syndicated morning zoo team out of Indianapolis and the Bobby Bones show will supplant Del Ray on KJAX.

And radio execs like Mecham wonder why radio is dead.

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