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By on January 14, 2014
Wyoming License Plate
Wyoming License Plate

Wyoming License Plate

Clean up on Runway 1
JACKSON, WYO – News that a USGS survey found deicing fluids are sluicing into the groundwater in Grand Teton made the rounds last week. Numerous enviro mags and blogspots picked up the News&Guide story that stated low oxygen levels have been detected in the aquifer around the airport – a possible indicator of the emergence of bacterial plumes created by deicing by-products.

The survey did not find any glycol in the water – deicing concoctions are 95 percent glycol – but they did turn up evidence of other chemicals like benzotriazole, a rust inhibitor.

A new $6.2 million glycol capture pad was put into place last year. Until then, some 60,000 gallons of “wing melt” seeped into the ground, annually.

Roll tide
“I didn’t get arrested in Wyoming, but it was close.” Catchy lede in Kenneth Boone’s piece for Alexander City’s (Alabama) Outlook. The publisher spent Christmas in Jackson Hole with his daughter Riley Frances and barely escaped with life and liberty.

Frances coaxed her folks up the neighborhood hill for some family sledding fun. She neglected to mention the “hill” was Snow King Mountain. Frances had the grace to go first and immediately called topside to Boone and company who were debating whether to push off or not.

“Don’t do it!” she warned them. “That was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done.”

Boone never got a chance. Ski patrol busted him for sledding in a commercial resort.

“[T]he Boone family escaped with a stern warning – no arrest, no injury … and a family story that will certainly be retold for generations,” Boone wrote.

Two degrees of separation
A cat named Tyler Maganzini got caught up in our trolling interNET. Seems he opened a joint (Black Mountain Wine House) in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn. The story ran in the turned-up-nose glossy New Yorker where scribe Hannah Goldfield wrote Maganzini had designed his new vino vitrine with Stowe, Vermont and Jackson Hole in mind because he had ties to both.

The design elements described didn’t seem all that “Jacksony.” What ties Maganzini to our valley isn’t evident but this writer is tied to his place in Brooklyn. I once lived two blocks from where he just opened.

Ready, aim, fire!
Here’s a story that has to have Dale Wayne Eaton shaking in his prison boots. Sen. Bruce Burns of Sheridan is pushing a bill that would allow Wyoming to gun down its death row inmates like Eaton.

If passed, the law would give the condemned the option of death by firing squad over lethal injection or the gas chamber. Burns told the Star-Tribune bullets are cheaper than injection. Many states are finding the prescribed drug cocktail required for lethal injection hard to come by. State statute requires a gas chamber as a backup plan. Wyoming doesn’t have a gas chamber.

Teton tags top list
Provo, Utah’s Daily Herald admitted it is Wyoming that motorists love for her license plates. conducted the survey that had Wyoming tags topping the list as most attractive.

So was it the color scheme? The bucking horse? Or the Tetons? We’ll take the credit here. The iconic bucking horse and rider has adorned Wyoming plates since 1936 and we’ve never made number one in the poll. The old Devils Tower (2001-2009) backdrop was a dud.

Yep, not until they slapped the Tetons on tags did we get accolades, and we’ll have them for another three years (2017).

Hawaii, Utah, Alabama and Oregon came in behind Wyoming. Suck it, punks.

Chicago lights into Cheney
Joan Walsh let Liz Cheney have it in an article penned for the Chicago Sun-Times.

“OK, Liz Cheney was a carpetbagger from Virginia who had little to sell in Wyoming besides her father’s connections,” Walsh began. And it got worse.

Opportunist, hypocrite, nepotistic, and sister-betraying were just some of the barbs tossed by Walsh in the piece titled, “Liz Cheney’s exit evidence of Tea Party implosion.”

“…I think her already-flailing debacle of a campaign (before the family news came out) tells us something about the fizzling of the Tea Party as an oppositional force, especially when it comes to serious, entrenched conservatives like Wyoming’s Mike Enzi,” Walsh also wrote.

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