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By on January 28, 2014
Sally ‘Superwoman Sally’ Francklyn
Sally ‘Superwoman Sally’ Francklyn

Sally ‘Superwoman Sally’ Francklyn

JACKSON, WYO – Rotten to the core?
Public distaste for new common core standards is reaching a fevered pitch headed into School Choice Week this week. Numerous events are planned across the country, including a dozen or more in Wyoming.

The week is intended to highlight educational opportunities available to students through rallies, school fairs, roundtable discussions, open houses, and parent information sessions. But it is gradually being hijacked by an anti-Common Core movement spearheaded by Tea Partyists and Glenn Beck radio rants.

Parents in Jackson Hole enjoy a fairly impressive array of options when it comes to education. But the valley is not immune to the Common Core backlash. A group called Concerned Women’s Group of Jackson Hole hosted a meeting at Snow King last night titled, “What you haven’t been told about Common Core: Tracking your children from pre-K into the workforce.”



Black Death headed for Jackson
Get your inoculations now, Black Death is confirmed to be on its way to our town. Known by its label name, Brennivín, the Icelandic spirit is an unsweetened schnapps made out of potato mash and flavored with caraway seeds, cumin, angelica, and a profusion of other herbs native to land of fire and ice.

The hootch is available in the United States for the first time thanks to importers Brennivín America, founded by Joe Spiegel and based in Jackson Hole. Spiegel’s start-up business venture received a huge “shot” in the arm when Katie Couric dropped in on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night talk show and turned him on to the Viking-strong liquor nicknamed Black Death.

Spiegel says expect the signature green bottle to begin showing up behind bars in Wyoming soon, beginning locally with The Rose, The Bird, Eleanor’s, Plaza Liquors, and Elevated Grounds.

Superwoman update
It was nice to get an update on “Superwoman Sally” Francklyn. The 26-year-old wrecked herself on the “Once Is Enough” run on Cody Peak a year and a half ago.

Scott Rappold’s well-written story for the Colorado Springs Gazette last Saturday allowed us to catch up with Franklyn’s progress since the ski accident that nearly killed her.

“I had a broken ankle, a broken back, a broken neck, a broken helmet, a broken skull … and I think that’s it,” Francklyn remembered recently from her parents’ house in Colorado Springs.

“The bones have healed, but Francklyn knows she will never be the same. The rocks that stopped her plunge and shattered her helmet also left her with a traumatic brain injury and accompanying symptoms that likely will be with her the rest of her life,” Rappold wrote.

Francklyn tires easily, has difficulty speaking, double vision and balance problems that prevent her from resuming her old life. But she is on the mend and moving to Boulder soon to take a part time job with a ski manufacturer.

Drunk and disorderly
While reading The Ranger’s big fat brag about how Fremont County has one of the lowest DUI arrest rates in the state and the lowest incidence of public intox arrests, we learned something interesting about Teton County: We’re bombed.

Folks here have often said cops are hard on walking drunks when they should be at least pleased that we chose to wobble on the sidewalks instead of getting our swerve on behind the wheel at 2:30 a.m. Now the stats prove out the allegations.

According to the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police report for 2012, Teton County led the field of 23 counties in Wyoming for public intox arrests as a percentage of all arrests. A third of all Teton busts are for being stoned in the street.

We are also up near the top in percentage of DUI arrests to total arrests, though our average BAC wasn’t as through the roof as, say, Weston County. When those boys get a load on, they get a load on.

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