LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Money Machine of Wildlife Management

By on February 18, 2014

JACKSON, WYO – Teton County Representative, Kieth Gingery, has recently introduced a bill to require wildlife game poachers to pay a restitution for the “value” of the wildlife of which they have illegally taken from the state. Whom may be this impartial arbitrator that decides such said value, or simply monetary worth, of this poached wildlife?

Ironically, at the same time a plan is again being devised by the Yellowstone National Park officials to slaughter some 600 arrogant park bison, whom themselves, are secretly plotting a devious caper to rebelliously cross park boundaries in search of food due to the deep snows onto the forbidden and sacred cattle ranch lands. God forbid these dastardly beasts for even considering this blatant act of bovine treason by not only looting the foods of the sacred cow but also with the satanic intent of exterminating their domestic cousins by the systematical distribution of their mythological and propagandized plague of brucellosis.

As an indigenous tax paying citizen of the United States, by law and intent, I am a co-owner of Yellowstone National Park and I hereby declare that such an indiscriminate act of the such aforesaid slaughter of its natural inhabitants to also be illegal and therefore shall be considered an extreme act of poaching and thus punishable by law. These officials proclaim that after the fact of such genocide they would be donating the bison meat to Native American tribes. How generously charitable of them. This would be nothing but one more insult to the true Native American spirit.

I shall now forgo the previous sarcasm and cynicism and get to the gist of reality which is money. Every thing that I have stated above has to do with money. One pays his or hers money to obtain a legal license to hunt wild game. One pays more money were they to exceed their designated quota. One pays even more money, and possibly face jail time, were they to wantonly poach an animal for whatever their personal reason. Should not government officials face the same such harshness of punishment for slaughtering the masses belonging to my National Park? The answer is an unfortunate nay. For wild buffalo to roam onto expensive cattle ranches simply to forage food for survival angers the wealthy ranch owner for he may lose money in the long run. We cannot anger the wealthy ranch owner for in consolidation with his fellow ranchers they are well aware that they are one of the strongest lobby groups in western, if not national, government and therefore they dictate policy.

This whole story is based on money; who makes it, who loses it. This pseudo face of concern about wildlife conservation, preservation and other pretty names is nothing but a facade for profit. I do not discard nor disrespect the true few conservationists whom honestly devote their hearts and souls to their work but they are outnumbered and outgunned by the mammonic govermental money machine of wildlife management.

To me this is such a sad irony. An irony of idiots whom make these laws, decisions and choices. Yet one can only wonder, once these “statutes of the Gods” are enacted, how many park officials, game and fish employees and even judges wind up with the gratuity of a buffalo head above their fireplace, a tanned pelt for a blanket on their bed and a bogus story to explain where they came from.

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